How to Study Piano Course for Beginners

The study method is very simple; we will simply have to make the lessons in order. And watching carefully each of the videos that appear as many times as necessary. In the videos I am explaining clearly each of the concepts. We will learn them progressively, it is important to understand them and memorize them. Once we have done this in a video of the piano course for beginners we can move on to the next one.

If at some point you do not understand or you find it very difficult maybe you are going too fast. You yourself have to set the pace you want to study, but my advice is that you always do it slowly and slowly. It’s how you learn best. Sometimes we go too fast, maybe because of the desire to learn to play as soon as possible. This way we do not have time to assimilate the knowledge or to memorize the concepts that we are learning. At that moment we have the feeling that everything is very confusing and that the matter is too difficult.

If we feel that is the time to stop. We will review even from the beginning everything that we have already studied. You will already realize that if you do this when doing the review it will seem everything much easier than in the first time. The more times you do this, the better you will assimilate what you have learned. You will also have more facility to advance towards the most difficult lessons of the piano course for beginners. Check this zero to hero course

Method of work and recommendations

To guarantee success in the study, we will need a working method, that is, a way of doing things that is effective. The structure of this piano course for beginners is already designed for it, and as I said before, it is fundamentally to make the lessons in order, reviewing and memorizing what we have already studied.

Daily practice

For greater effectiveness what we are going to do is study every day. But we do not have to study a lot of time. At the beginning if you want you can start studying only a short time, for example 5 minutes. But it is essential that if you have decided to play those five minutes, you always do it. That’s why it’s good to start with a short period, because it’s easier to find a moment to do it. We will learn much more by studying 5 minutes a day every day than if we study two hours once a week. This was something that I learned as a young man with my good teachers and I have been able to prove it all my life. You will see that if you do, you will succeed assured.

Review of what has been learned

Another recommendation to improve our effectiveness when making this piano course for beginners is to review what we have learned. We will return to see how many times the videos that we have seen are necessary and practice the exercises again. Also the melodies or pieces that are explained in them. Even when we already know something it is good to do it again to refresh it. This will help us to train our memory, because while we are reviewing we are learning what we have already done.

Learn something new every time

And finally this piano course for beginners will be giving us a new concept in each new video. We will learn something new every time, and this is the third recommendation that will help us to advance in our learning, which is that every time we do a study session we learn a technique, a melody, a scale or something that is new. Preferably we will learn only one thing at a time to facilitate the process. For more information visit