Dropbox allows business users to scan their documents

Dropbox allows business users to scan their documents

Dropbox has become a full board application of sharing and uploading data. Dropbox is releasing a new enterprise of features and it continues to gain larger businesses to build a strong new business line. Dropbox allows business users to scan their documents. Its most interesting feature is probably in its mobile application tool through which Dropbox allows business users to scan their document and upload them to Dropbox.¬†Dropbox is hoping to expand its service so that the business users can use it for more activities.The head of the product said that they want to make this analog info become more helpful for the users and make it more searchable and accessible. The company uses optical character recognition to recognize the text in the document which is being scanned. Dropbox’s high strength was always the technology it was being used. It has quick synchronization tool also. The company is looking forward to building a differentiated product. Dropbox is not like the other companies. Its fast growing users and the technology separates it from the other companies.
There are a lot of documents, and it has to be stored somewhere which can be readily available. The application is also trying to adopt the technology of the flatbed scanners. There are a scanner and other tools which will be offered for the iOS users. The new features by which Dropbox allows business users to scan their document are not available for the Android users and the company has not yet stated about the new functions being added to the android dropbox version.


Dropbox launches a new way to scan documents

Apart from the scanner, the company is also releasing few of the other features for the business users. There will be a big button with plus sign placed in the center which will help in making new office documents. From Dropbox users can create a word, powerpoint or excel documents. The documents uploaded on Dropbox can also be imported when needed. There will be a feature which will help the users to view the previous version of the documents. Which will help them to decide which version of document do they want to revert.
There is a new tool which will launch soon which is the ability to add area-specific comments on the documents and also capacity to share only view folders.
All these features are just being added to Dropbox to make it a productive platform for the users. The company claimed that there are around 500 million registered users on Dropbox. The CEO needs to increase the online storage capacity on this application for the business users.

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