Facebook Messenger to Get ‘Secret Conversations’

Facebook Messenger to Get ‘Secret Conversations’  

Just like Whatsapp, Facebook is also taking a big step towards keeping the messenger user’s conversation safe from the hackers. Facebook Messenger to Get ‘Secret Conversations’. Recently, the company is testing a new feature called ‘secret conversations’ which uses the end-to-end encryption to lock up the messages and keep it safe with the users.

Using this feature means that the sender and recipient of a particular message will be able to read the messages and the messages will just remain locked between the two. The messages will stay between the users; Facebook will also not be known to the personal messages. Facebook announced the test on Friday stating that Facebook highlighted sensitive topics like health and financial information as among the users might want to use it.

End-to-end encryption has seen an immense popularity in the recent years as the mainstream tech companies started using this feature into their products to increase higher cyber-security and surveillance fears. This raise has also raised concerns from some law enforcement officials that it could stop them from being able to access the communications of criminals and terrorists even when the investigators obtain a warrant which is a hazardous and problem giving situation faced by the officials.

Facebook Messenger to Get 'Secret Conversations'

Facebook Messenger to Get ‘Secret Conversations’

The messenger feature will not be turned on by default; the user will have to choose the option of starting a secret conversation. The feature will also allow the users to set a time limit for the end-to-end encryption protections. The time limit laid down will decide till when the messages will be visible in the conversations. The secret chats will not support features like sharing videos and GIFs. There is some limited number of the user which can try this feature presently, but soon, Facebook will launch the feature more widely so that all the users can take benefit of this end-to-end encryption.

The secret conversations rely on the technology from Open Whisper Systems, which also make end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice app signal. The same technology is used for WhatsApp now.

As security is a necessity nowadays, This feature will be beneficial to the users.

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