Samsung Gear IconX and Gear Fit 2 pictures leaked

Samsung Gear: Samsung was in talks just a few days ago when the rumors were spurted out that the company is going to release its two latest devices i.e. Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX. Both the gadgets are in the air as the images were recently leaked by Samsung health website. Both the devices are not yet released and had accidentally arrived for a moment on the website.

Before that, VentureBeat has reported a week earlier about the upcoming of the newest product by Samsung.

As the devices hit the storm of speculations on Samsung Health Website, the gossip becomes crispier, and the gadgets are expected to launch more soon. After the inadvertent leak of the gadgets that hit the website, other websites picked it up and uploaded on their particular sites.

On the other hand, Samsung listing was taken down. These leaked photos visibly showed the fine points of the coming Gear IconX, a Bluetooth earbuds and Gear Fit 2, a second-generation fitness tracker. The leak has proved that Samsung is working on the above two specified devices. The prior rumors were made that the device includes live photos.

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Talking of Gear IconX earbuds, it is the much more interesting gadget than that of Gear Fit 2. The earbuds roll up with a particular case which is used in helping charge. And, secondly, they are wireless making it convenient to use. Talking about the connection, it is paired with Bluetooth for playing songs, or communicating. On the other hand, it has a quirky feature that it can also be operated as a music player without having a connection with a device. The earbud is equipped with 4GB inbuilt storage and is functioned via touch. Moreover, the consumers can also track fitness with Gear IconX earbuds.

And the another device Gear Fit 2, a second-generation fitness tracker which has also been leaked is anticipated to come with several changes and enhanced features as compared with the first version. It has been rumored that the device will feature a 1.84-inch curved AMOLED screen display, making it convenient for the users so that they can wear it comfortably.  It is much better than that of the Gear Fit of the first generation. And further on, it has been contemplated that it will come with GPS feature.

As all the information has not been officially announced yet, by the company, so, preferably it is better to consider all the details with a pinch of salt.