Huawei unveiled a premium smartphone Mate 9

Huawei unveiled a premium smartphone Mate 9

Huawei unveiled a premium smartphone Mate 9 on Thursday. The company added a new artificial intelligence feature in a hope to close the gap with Tech leaders Apple and Samsung.

The Mate 9 is aspired to be at the top end of the $400 billion international smartphone market, where the professional customers are looking for a smartphone that is fast and long battery capabilities.

It comes with a feature that allows the device to learn about the habits of the users and automatically set the recently used apps within an easy reach.

Arne Herkelman, Huawei’s European head of handset portfolio and planning explained that the smartphone learns how the users use their phones. The launch was held just three weeks after Samsung removed its flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7, dealing with a huge blow to the company’s reputation.


With phone sales growth expected to lag in the upcoming years, the manufacturers are trying to find something that will make their product stand out from the crowd.

As explained by the Roberta Cozza, an analyst at research firm Garter a device is not enough anymore. AI and voice control looks like the main feature on the smartphones in the coming years.

The Mate 9 features Munich, which is a 5.9-inch

(15cm) large screen device that swaggers camera with autofocus, directional microphones with noise cancellation and an upgraded user interface.

The algorithm sets your favourite apps first, which makes the phone simpler to use and not to forget more energy efficient as well. The company claims that the battery could last for up to two days after a heavy usage and can be fully charged in 90 minutes.

The analysts at Garner expect that the smartphone sales would grow 4.5 percent to 1.5 billion devious this year.


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