Moto Legendary Razr Flip Phone Might Be Making Comeback

Once there was a time when Motorola was not performing well. Its competitors were well advanced with their smartphones and feature the flip phones which had its own swag at that time. And, then looking at the atmosphere Motorola introduced its own flip phone, Moto Razr in 2004 and broke all records.

It was in trend to carry a flip phone and almost every youngster has purchased the Moto Razr V3, the first phone in its series. Not only it was extremely stylish but was also filled with no. of a range of features which competitors failed to do so. And, finally, Moto Razr emerged as a legend and crossed the sales of nearly 130 million units in the period of four years.
Talking about a life of Moto Razr 3, whose first version was launched in 2008, was the thinnest mobile at that time which comes with the aluminum body and was hit among the high school and college students.

Afterward, the company launched its second version, V3i, with improved features like camera and battery performance. The handset was mainly released to advance the shortcomings of V3 but still features almost same specifications.

And, the finally entered Razr 2, with several enhancements features like a larger screen, touch sensitive external buttons, thinner profile, and improved processor. Then, the flip phone was at their end with the birth of Android and iOS smartphones.

The Moto Razr series has given such a radiant success to Motorola that the company even introduced many phones at that time but still didn’t gain much popularity as the flip phone.
Now, the Lenovo is planning to bring back the old taste to consumers by re-launching the Moto Razr flip phone in the era of the smartphone. On 9th June, the company will be possibly re-launching the clamshell device at Lenovo Tech World. The company has no plans to change the overall look and feel of the handset but for sure it will be featuring Android operating system.

The upcoming Razr phone could possibly sport a 3-inch screen and a slim body with an inclusion of features of Moto G4 Plus. It would really be interesting that whether the Lenovo plans of bringing the retro fashion back will hit the floor or not especially at the time of touchscreen smartphones.

For more news about the flip phone, we are looking forward the event which will happen on 9th June 2016.

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