Samsung revamped its Notebook 9 laptop

 Samsung revamped its Notebook 9 laptop

The Sout Korean tech giant, Samsung revamped its Notebook 9 laptop. The company unveiled the Notebook 9 laptop at its pre-CES 2016 event in January. Now the laptop is refreshed with a sleek and lightweight design that makes this 13.3-inch variant the lightest laptop of its category in the market weighing 810 grams.

Apart from the sleek design,  the Notebook 9 laptop has also seen some under the hood upgrades; the laptop now features the ‘Kaby Lake’ Intel Core i5/ Core i7 processor along with a faster storage and memory capability

The 13.3-inch, as well as the 15-inch laptops, have been further upgraded with a fingerprint sensor, enhancing the security system of the laptop. The laptop features Windows Helio support which lets the users get a secure sign in with just a single touch, and without the need of the password.

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The company said, the  HD display on the Notebook 9 laptop adjusts up to 180-degree which makes it easier to share presentations with colleagues and comes with a thin bezel edge-to-edge design. Commenting on the durability of device Samsung said with a sleek single shell frame and Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) Rigidity technology, the Notebook 9 features add resiliency, integrity, and thermal & shock resistance.

Notably, the Samsung Notebook 9 laptop’s display comes with support for high dynamic range (HDR). Coming to the connectivity options of Notebook 9 laptop, it comes with PC Message and PC Gallery by which users can share messages, images, and files.

The Samsung Notebook 9 laptop features USB Type-C ports for charging. Further, the device comes with adaptive fast charge support that the company claims, has the capability to fully charge the laptop in 80 minutes. Plus the Samsung also claims that the Notebook 9 provides the battery life of up to seven hours on a single charge.



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