Why Reliance Jio and Samsung Z2 is not a good combo yet

Why Reliance Jio and Samsung Z2 is not a good combo yet

The Samsung Tizen Z2 powered by Tizen OS also features Reliance Jio Preview, which offers users free mobile data, calls, and SMS for 90 days. Why Reliance Jio and Samsung Z2 is not a good combo yet.
The coming Reliance Jio launch is stimulating the Indian telecom market in all sorts. Given that Reliance Jio is already playing piece card to success service providers across the nation are trying to prevent a mass jump over of customer. The smartphone manufacturers are planning to use this as bait to get feature handset users to switch to smartphones.

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One such play is Samsung Z2 a budget Tizen OS powered the smartphone. With 550 million feature handset users it is an immense opportunity. The phone will be one of the cheapest 4G smartphones in the current market. In looks, the smartphone looks similar to Samsung Z1, company’s first Tizen-based smartphone launched last year. However, just the affordability factor does not seem convincing enough to make the users switch to smartphones. When the feature phone user switches to 4G mainly because of cheap entertainment accessibility, a 4-inch smartphone does not look very favorable. People would just wait for a bigger device or buy a second-hand device. Given that WhatsApp and Google Play are users priorities from which they desire to jump to the smartphone.

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As a matter of fact, Reliance Jio is coming with a 4G smartphone as cheap as Rs. 2,990. Although the buyers are not first-time smartphone buyers, they are looking for a device they can use as Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy the cheap data benefit.

We will see an enormous growth in the budgeted smartphone section along with affordable 4G data. Having said that, we will have to wait till large screen, and 4g data hit a sweet spot concerning reasonability.

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