The Reliance Lyf smartphone exploded

Allegedly the Reliance Lyf smartphone exploded

It generated quite the buzz when a man on a social media platform claimed that his 4G Lyf smartphone, by RIL’s retail section of Reliance Retail, burst into flames. The company promised a detailed investigation in the matter. The victim, Tanvir Saqid, said on Twitter that this family had a slight escape after the Reliance Lyf smartphone exploded and burst into flames.

He also added a picture of the alleged burnt smartphone and warned people who are using Lyf handsets. He said all the people who are using Reliance Lyf handset should be very careful.

The official Twitter handle of the Lyf smartphone immediately responded to Saqib.

When the media contacted Reliance retail, a spokesperson responded by saying that the company is very much concerned about the reported incident on social media and will take this matter very seriously.

He further added that Reliance is reviewing the cause and will place a thorough investigation in the matter. As for customer safety is the most significant thing for the company, and based on the investigation’s result, necessary steps will be taken.

Lyf smartphones are designed and manufactured with international standards in association with some of the world’s greatest manufacturer of smartphones. Each handset passes through a rigorous control process, said the spokesperson.


According to the CyberMedia Research, Lyf devices are one of the top three 4G smartphones sold in India with Lyf brand holding 8 percent of the Market shared at the end of the second quarter of this year.

Over the last few months, Samsung has been dealing with a similar problem after several users complained about its Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been completely banned all over the world on airlines. The South Korean manufacturer later recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from the market

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