Acer Switch Alpha Coes with Fanless Design

A Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation splashed in the ultra portable market launching its new exclusive product with a fanless design; that’s what the company is bragging about. The Acer, which was founded 39 years ago, has recently come up with a 2-in-1 notebook goes for the throat. It is the first 2-in-1 tablet which is powered by Intel new generation 6th Core I processor. The product does not have any fan inside for cooling. Instead of this, the company has designed its own cooling system and has named it Liquid Loop.

This cooling system has no moving parts, rather, the coolant inside the laptop is pushed around the system by the heat that the processor creates, basically making it a self-contained system. When the liquid gets hot, it vaporizes, increasing the pressure in the loop, cooling off when it’s far enough away from the processor. The machine is thin, light and also silent. The Company boast about its product and says that this is the first-ever tablet with Skylake processor and fanless design which is its USP.  But, the similar LiquidLoop is founded in Samsung smartphones too.

 The 2-in-1 tablet powered by Intel Core i3, i5, and i5 processors enhances the performance of the tablet. Not only this, but the processors also increase the battery life for more 8 hours. The maximum storage capacity of Switch Alpha 12 range varies from 128GB to 512GB. The device can also have either 4GB or 8GB of LPDDR4 memory. It also has Intel Real Sense 3D camera.

The notebook comes with a built-in kickstand and a free keyboard. And it also provides you with an optional choice of buying the Acer active pen for spontaneous writing and an elegant drawing. For starters, the tablet sports with a 12-inch IPS touch screen display having a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels. It is powered by the Intel Graphics 520 GPU.

The Switch Alpha 12 weighs about 1.98 pounds without a keyboard and with the attachment of keyboard the figure goes up to 2.76 pounds. And it measures 11.5 x 7.93 x 0.62 inches. The wireless connectivity of the device is handled by Bluetooth 4.0 and 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi. There are three USB 3.0 ports, two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, DisplayPort, and HDMI for external connections.

The phone is expected to splash in the store this June month with a starting price of 599$ and hopes to compete with Microsoft Surface Pro 4.