Smartphone – Need of the Society

Smartphone, a small & single device which can be used for Calling, Chatting, Surfing, Gaming, Shopping, Messaging etc.;where you can store thousands of Songs, Photographs, Presentations, Videos, Contacts etc.;which can be used for Data Transfer, Sharing Information, Knowledge, Jokes, Memories & a lot. I and You perhaps cannot figure out the complete usages of this small gadget which has completely changed our lives in recent years.

A few people may disagree with me and may count many disadvantages and misusages of Smartphone; I respect them & may agree with their thoughts to some extent. Some artificial objects have two sides. First hand they make our life easy and at second hand they are quite harmful too however my vision is to articulate the positive side and impact of this device. Taking a common person’s example these days, Smartphone is now next to essential part of their lives. This is because it has made their life that easy that no other device has made.

Early days, who could have imagined that one day, we would have the world in pocket and it will dance on our fingers, every kind of information will be just a click away. Imagine the past time when messages were sent in letters, horse riders used to carry royal messages and give it to target people. Think how difficult and time consuming that process would have been. If the messages were sent by general people, a lot more time would have consumed. Imagine if it happens today, you don’t have Smartphone, you cannot call anyone neither receive, no Whatsapp, no Facebook, no Google, no Videos and nothing else that you do easily with your Smartphone.

Smartphone - Advantages and disadvantages of Smart Phones

Did you think?How it was? Terrible, Horrible right?If we even can’t imagine our single day without Smartphone how will it be, if we actually don’t have it?According to IDC (A research and analytical wing), 1.2 Billion Smartphones were sold across globe in 2014. This number shows how Smartphone has become a part of our life.

Today, if I say, I am a working person and I don’t have Smartphone, most of you will not believe. These are the days when kids demand this gadget in primary classes and not only demand they know better use of it than us.

Who will believe that when in 1876 Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, it was said that “This is a nice device but who would want to use it”. Many experts had the opinion that this device has no future. Obviously they were not aware with the power of Telephone and they had no idea that this will be a revolutionary invention and by the time and with a lot of modifications it will be the most popular and usable gadget of the world.

The Telephone to today’s Smartphone has been a long developing journey. This device has seen thousands of modifications and improvements. You may have seen a time when there were only land line telephones used and black round dialing telephones were available. Then the button telephones came-up in market which were more user friendly than the round dialing phones.

First mobile phone demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. This was the first telephone device that was wireless and user didn’t have to be bound in wire technology. This was the most revolutionary modification or improvement that telephone technology brought to our life. It was mobile that gave the freedom to communicate while walking and roaming. It was smaller device comparatively with landline telephones and people could carry it in their pocket and take anywhere.

By the time with a lot changes, message facility added another star in mobile phones and now people could text their messages to another mobile user. Later the Sim card technology was introduced which gave the facility to change the mobile phone by just removing the sim card from old mobile to new one. The sim card used to identify and authenticate the user of the mobile phone too. With the time being, a lot changes and modifications were made in mobile, Internet was one of the feature that has made a mobile today’s Smartphone.

Smartphone, which is a magical instrument, most widely used by human being than any other gadget. A device which was developed for calling purpose now is in use of so many things that we may not count on fingers. This gadget has widely replaced Computers and Laptops.

From presentation to calculation and from emails to gaming, everything is now done over Smartphone. It has become a biggest platform of social networking. As per a research, Whatsapp has over 900 million users, Facebook has 1.55 billion users, Twitter has 307 million users and Google has 2.2 billion daily users.

Most of these users are active on these sites via their Smartphones. Smartphone has become such powerful tool these days that almost all big website, either they are in social networking or in online shopping launches their smartphone apps and these apps are that successful and playing a giant role in these markets that has changed the social networking & online shopping concept.

People have been diverted from regular shopping traditions to online shopping and this trend has started a new era of online business, a lot new job / business opportunities are being established. A small gadget Smartphone is the base of hole this new concept and change.

Every entitled invention brings some new facility and opportunity with itself. They are made to make our life easier. If we are smart enough we must know the Dos and Don’ts of it and we must use them for positive impact only. Such invention can bring a lot happiness to humankind life and it can be a harm too. We also must keep in mind a very well saying that “Things/Objects/Gadgets are to be used and People are to love” Never vise-versa it. Remember we are creator of Smartphone so use it but never addict of it.

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