BenQ EW2775ZH ‘Eye-Care’ Monitor Launched in India

BenQ EW2775ZH ‘Eye-Care’ Monitor Launched in India

BenQ, a Taipei-based tech major, launched two new eye care monitor EW2440ZH and EW2750ZL on Tuesday in India. The company claims that the monitors are backed with Low Blue Light Plus and Brightness Intelligence tools that will let the users watch high-quality visual contents without damaging their eyes. Usually, monitors release blue light that results in eyestrain and headache when used for a long time, but BenQ EW2775ZH ‘Eye-Care’ Monitor Launched in India helps reduce the eye stress that is caused by gazing at the screen for too long.

As per BenQ’s claim the Brightness Intelligence Technology identifies the surrounding lights quantity and automatically regulates the brightness level of the screen which will allow the users to have a comfortable visual experience.

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ, India, in a report said that requirement of the technology that protects users eyes is needed now more than ever besides these technology takes the visual experience to the next level.

BenQ EW2775ZH 'Eye-Care' Monitor Launched in India

BenQ EW2775ZH ‘Eye-Care’ Monitor Launched in India

The monitor features a 24-inch and a 27-inch screen with an AMWA along with Advanced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment board, a full HD resolution, and a 60Hz refresh speed. The screen is backlit and flicker-free. To reduce the eye stress it utilize blue diodes as an element of the Blue Light Plus feature it offers. These diodes alter the peak of the light from long to short wavelength which allows the computer to ditch the hurtful light without affection the users visual experience.

The monitor sports a true 8-bit color and light matte exterior along with Ultra high 3000:1 local contrast ratio and also presents Smart Focus Cinema Mode.

The screen comprises of 6-axis color alteration along with Advanced Motion Acceleration pixel and for the connectivity, it has two HDMI 1.4 ports, VGA, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The monitor also features two speakers each of 2-Watt.  The EW2440ZH monitor is priced at Rs.12,500 whereas the EW2750ZL monitor is priced at Rs. 17,500.

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