It is confirmed by Apple to discontinues iPod shuffle and nano

California-based – Apple on Thursday reported that it would end its iPod shuffle and nano. The reason being extremely straightforward, as these two devices won’t be able to play songs from Apple Music or interface with the web or don’t keep running on iOS, which when compared to the present day advanced variants of iPods lags a significant amount. Essentially, considering the digitally advanced field, these old iPods are too excessively reckless, making them impossible to survive.



In 2005 – when these devices were presented, it played a major part in Apple’s resurgence under Steve Jobs. Both the iPod shuffle and nano can play music that has been downloaded from iTunes or from whatever other physical media. Which, very few lean toward nowadays. It is likewise because these decade old iPods haven’t gotten real updates in years. It is the fact that the more established iPods are much too out-molded and doesn’t coordinate to the necessities of the present day carefully advanced society.

Backpedaling to when everything began. Steve Jobs – Apple CEO introduced both iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano – which are the direct descendants of the first iPod released back in the year 2001. Also, in those days, iPods were one of the real offerings by the California major. Be that as it may, as business and pre requisites saw an unusual move, Apple chose to quit offering iPods. It stopped detailing the iPod as a different business in 2014. It is that year when the California major resigned the iPod exemplary.

Since Apple is slaughtering the old iPods, the organization has a few plans ready for its new iPods. “Today, we are improving our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double capacity beginning at just $199, and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano,” says an Apple representative in an announcement to TechCrunch. The new iPod touch is fundamentally an iPhone which comes without versatile information benefit and furthermore runs iOS, as the same operating system which is on iPhones and iPads.

So with old seasoned iPods resigning, Apple currently intends to build the limits of the iPod Touch to 64GB and 128GB today. To review Apple beforehand sold 16GB and 64GB models at similar costs. In any case, now the 64GB and 128GB edition will cost $199 and $299 respectively. Apple’s iPod Touch can stream music from Apple Music and run the same applications as iPhones. The organization additionally says that the iPod Touch is the most popular model.