Let’s Break All the JIO Phones Pre Booking Rumors

Pre-booking The Jio Phones

 According to the formal statement received from different sources, it is confirmed that there will be the starting of pre-booking for the Jio Phones but it has not been started from August 24 as per schedule. India Today Tech has got the same response after reaching two independent stores (One in South Delhi and another in Noida). From 15 August beta testing for the JioPhone has started. According to which, for testing and feedback purposes, an early access has been provided to the employees and partners of the company. It will be offered by the company to select these employees and partners.


From August 24, there will be the availability of the phone for pre-booking for regular users. It is concluded by India Today Tech that the pre-bookings for the Jio Phones will not be started by retailers before August 24. It is a possibility that stores will keep the information of people interested in the JioPhone as a personal record which is (will) not supported by Jio officially. The timeline is not confirmed for the availability of the phone for buying. According to one of the retailers, the first week of September could be the estimated time-frame.

Registering Interest And Availability

 Consumer interest is registering by the company by following both online and offline channels. The process of pre-registration is different from it. In Mumbai, as soon as a couple of days after 40th Annual General Meeting of the company, it had started doing this. Registering your interest is carried out both online as well as offline.

Registering Your Interest Online


First of all, the official website of the company i.e. jio.com is required to be visited. There is a banner on the homepage i.e. Introducing India Ka Smartphone Jio phones. The option of “keep me posted is displayed on this banner. So, we have to click on this option. The form containing the personal details like contact number, name, Pin code and email ID are allowed to be filled. Then, the option of terms and conditions are required to be checked. Then, the option of “submit” has to be clicked on. After clicking this option the page will appear which displays “Thank you for registering interest”. After that, an email will be received which confirms the retrieval of customer’s details and acknowledge us to get contacted shortly by the team of the company by giving thanks.

Registering Your Interest Offline

 For registering the interest, we have to do SMS i.e. SMS JP<Area Pin Code> Store Code to 7021170211. Store code signifies nearest Jio store’s dedicated code. After that, a message will be received which assures us to keep us informed after starting the pre-booking by giving thanks.

For registering the interest both in online and offline mode, there is no need of Aadhaar card details. The requirement will arise during pre-booking and/or at the time of retrieval of the purchased Jiophone. It is confirmed by India Today Tech that preference will be given to those who register interest before August 24.