Dell XPS 13-9343 Review with Infinity Display 2016

The Dell XPS 13-9343 is an Ultra book that not only looks glorious but also clearly designed with the most deliberate attention to practicality and functionality. Dell’s design of the XPS 13-9343 has been widely praised from its launching in the year 2012. It is truly a beautiful machine. In spite of the evolutionary alterations Dell’s engineers have chosen to make its parts comfortably famous, most of the same design language persists, with the silver-and-black color combination that make an original model so slick still intact. Function and form co-exist harmoniously through the smart adoption of raw materials and well implementation of all subtle necessities. In spite of in many situations which are noticeably smaller and nearly 8% lighter (weighing just 1.276 kg), this version still feels solid as a rock.

Dell XPS 13 9343 Laptop Review

Dell XPS 13 9343 Laptop Review

Dell XPS 13-9343 Infinity Display Review

This notebook cannot be opened with a single finger due to the strength of its architecture, hold down on the base unit while lifting its screen or else the whole unit lifts off the front. A 13.3-inch high-resolution displayed version takes precision alloy for top and bottom sections. Carbon composite is not new for this Dell laptop, but it applies right across the middle area, making up a top deck area in beautifully figured material, finished with a smooth rubbery coat that feels more organic to its touch.

Its two USB 3.0 ports are not unreasonably restrictive (one of which features Power share), though the lack of HDMI and Ethernet will discourage some users. Its versatile mini Displayed Port is on board, which can convert to VGA, DVI, or HDMI as needed with the help of an inexpensive adapter.

Company introduces a useful pocket-size port replicator. An addition of SD card reader is a good profit that nearly everyone can appreciate. Special mention goes to its bottom, which is entirely bereft of all common Windows laptop where we will find no seedy Genuine Microsoft stickers, Intel Insider warnings, regulatory notices, nor oddly place trap doors to innards. In spite of this, there is a small metallic laser engrave simply ‘XPS’.

A tiny sliver is cut from one edge to allow our finger nail to lift it, thereby revealing all important part numbers and codes. This door is secured. Another good design feature is the use of two long rubber strips as bumper feet on the underside. These give a sturdy platform on the desk, with no wobble. Its ports and physical connectivity options are minimal, as we find in most ultra-portables.

There is a USB 3.0 port on each flank, DC charge inlet, and Mini Display Port on the left. An SD card slot and a lock slot (Noble lock slot) lie to the right. Its bezel is 5.0mm from pixel’s end to lid edge along the top, and 5.4mm wide on sides. Compare this to the 2014 XPS 13 version, which was 10mm wide on top and sides.  Its screen still disappoints in its narrow 16:9 aspect ratio.

There may be around 5mm edge at sides and top, but the company missed a trick with its 21mm of wasted bezel running right along with the bottom of this screen, which could have been fruitfully filled by this simply using a 16:10 panel comprising 3200 x 2000 pixels. There are two display types possible for this notebook. There is a high-res 3200 x 1800-pixel touch screen, IPS panel made by Sharp fitted to this 9343 model. It offers a longer battery life, lower weight, better balance, reasonable price and a more consistent Windows interface.

Dell XPS 13 9343 Review

Dell XPS 13 9343 Review

Dell XPS 13-9343 Software details

In its key respects, its 3200 x 1800 display passes with flying colors. Measured with a Data color colorimeter, it can stretch to 99% of RGB color gamut and 75% Adobe RGB. Its color accuracy is very good, with Delta E values between 0.62 and 5.62 (average is 3.47), in a 48-color test. The contrast ratio is also exemplary for a notebook screen, reaching 710:1 ratio at full brightness. The company offers four models with Intel Core i5-5200U, Core i7-5500U, and Core i7-5600U processors.

Each processor has integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500, with 300-900 MHz clock speed. Memory is fixed at 8GB, with no option for expansion. And since it is soldered to the motherboard, it is only 8GB for whole life. That ought to be sufficient for typical users of ultra-portable laptops unless we run more memory-intensive programs like virtual machinery or creative graphics.

Its storage can be any size we need, so long as we need either 256 or 512GB. Its keyboard and track pad work well. The trackpad is better than those found on many Windows laptops. If we work in a noisy office we can safely move to next paragraph. Its internal flash storage proved averagely quick for its type, hitting sequential reads and writes of 493 and 238 MB/s respectively. It is single thread and reads 4KB and writes up to 21 and 46 MB/s, while peak IOPS was found with 32-thread reads at about 88,900 IOPS.

Dell XPS 13-9343 Battery Life

Its battery life is not bad, 11-hours with 3200 x 1800-pixel display model. We ran our usual MPEG-4 HD film over Wi-Fi with its screen set to 120cd/m2, where its longest run was 6 hour 12 min. It stays longer up to 15 hours of run time on the FHD display and 12 hours on the QHD+, it is leading the market in battery life. Paired with the Dell Power Companion, we get up to 22 hours and freedom to power all of our bonus devices.

Dell XPS 13-9343 specifications are-

Model number XPS9343
Brand (Company)     Dell
Series    Dell XPS 13-9343
Weight    5.1 pounds
Dimensions    17 x 11.5 x 3.3 inches
Memory    4 GB DDR3 (non-upgradeable)
Ports    2xUSB 3.0, SD card reader, mini DP, Noble Lock
Battery    52 W h battery
Operating system    Windows 8.1
Size    304 mm or 11.98 L x 200 mm or 7.88 W x 15 mm or 0.6 H
Weight    1.17 kg (2.6 pounds)
Box contents    TPM, two stage white backlit keyboard, carbon-fiber body, battery indicator on the side
Screen    13.3 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, IPS, matte
Processor    Intel Core i5-5200U CPU
Video   integrated Intel 5500 HD
Storage    128 GB SSD (M.2 80 mm – made by LITE-ON)
Connectivity Wireless-AC, Bluetooth 4.0

Finally, Dell XPS 13-9343 is a well built, compact notebook that outdoes the competition in some key respects such as screen quality and gorgeous display. It is a 13.3-inch laptop that takes up little space more than 11.6-inch model. This new model adds a non-touch screen full HD option to the range and means prices are now more affordable. Dell XPS 13-9343 starting from $799.00 (48,000 Rs).

Hence a good choice to go for in this price….

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