Reviews of Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen)

Fiio is China- based Electronics Company which is known for its music players, audio amplifiers, earphones, and DACs. It was founded in 2007 with the mission to raise the reputation of made in China products. Fiio recently launched the second generation premium headphones Fiio EX1. Let’s wait and watch if EX1 (2nd Gen) manages to win over earlier earphones of Fiio.

Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen) features and design


Shipping of Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen) is done with relatively good packaging. The Fiio EX1 2nd Gen, Protective case, nine pairs of various silicon ear tips, a quick start guide and Warranty card, comes in the box. The carry case is a bit too superficial, which means you need to be more careful while putting the headphones in and taking them out.

They are better to withstand the wear and tear of daily use as compared to the other earphones because its enclosures are made of both aluminum alloy and stainless steel which makes it durable and light in weight. The finishing of Fiio EX1 is glossy which makes them to look good. There are pink and blue rings on the right and left earbuds respectively, which makes it easy to find out which one is for left and which one is for the right ear. Other than there is printed R and L for Right and Left ears on the earbuds respectively.

The design of Fiio EX1 is tilted to one side, which makes it comfortable to wear than other earphones. The cable of the earphones is 1.2 m polyurethane, which is long lasting and doesn’t get meshed too easily. But sometimes when it is rolled for a long time, it is difficult to uncurl. The cable ends up with the gold-plated L-type 3.5 mm headphone jack. The cable tie is attached at the bottom of the table, which makes it easy to wrap when the case is not with you.

In the center of the cable, there are media controls (such volume up-down) and the microphone. The buttons are fiddly and feel cheap but the pod is well built and there isn’t any marking to recognize the buttons to help you.

One of the main cause of Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen)’s high price is the material used, which is titanium for the driver’s diaphragm. This gives the better output of audio performance.

In the specification terms, the Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen) has a 20Hz – 40 kHz frequency range and impedance of 13O hms. The unit weight of the earphones is 18 grams with 13 mm each driver.

Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen) performance


The earphone’s tilted design makes them more comfortable to wear, and there is no fatigue even after one hour of continuous use. They are also incredible light in weight, and you hardly feel them in your ears. The wire of the earphones is long enough; you can easily put your mobile to the pent pocket. The microphones are also so good that one can hear your voice.

One lack in these earphones is that it does not feel reassuring in media buttons and the volume buttons are not supported by the iOS devices such as iPhones. Otherwise, they functioned well in other Android devices.

Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen) is also certified as Hi Res audio earphones, and it reproduces FLAC files very well. There is leakage of sound, but it is just a bit not too much. Its sound is well from low to the high volume level. There is no change in the sound effects during high volume.

The Fiio EX1 2nd Gen price is Rs. 4,299.

My reviews

The cost of Fiio EX1 (2nd Gen) is high, but the performance and design are excellent of these earphones. If a person wants a quality earphones than these are the best for him. It also looks great and gives good value for money. The main positives are that they are comfortable to wear with excellent build quality and design. But the negative point is that volume up down button does not work on iOS devices and in-line remote buttons are cheap.