GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor


Putting my hands on this beast is surprising to me. The name is GAEMS M240, what else do you expect? Yes as clear from its name, the M240 is designed for gaming enthusiasts who want to play their favorite games on the go. Till now the GAEMS has a great reputation among the best portable gaming monitors. Let’s find out why.

GAEMS M240 Design: Comparing the M240 with a typical monitor might be a mistake but the monitor comes with a 24 inches display which makes it larger and heavy with approx 8lbs weight. The overall dimensions on the monitor are19.75”W x 7” D x 16.75”H which makes it wider In width and height. Yes the GAEMS M240 isn’t designed like an ordinary portable as keeping the dimensions, weight, display size etc makes it way different than other devices. Don’t believe me? Just have a look at it in the picture. But still, this beast is classified as the best portable gaming monitors.

GAEMS M240 Features:  The portable monitor is powered with a TN-Panel to give you an ultimate gaming experience. Yes, you will experience crisp and clear display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. To verify what the monitor is claiming, we decided to play different games with it like PUBG and GTA 5 and we were able to see every title on the games crystal clear alongside with amazing colors saturation. Moreover, the stand is attached to the back of the GAEMS M240 gaming monitor that is capable of rotating 180 degrees. The screen is covered with a plastic protector, which means the screen is safe from unintentional scratches. The viewing angles are also on top of the line alongside with built-in speakers that deliver quality sound. In short, the GAEMS is offering amazing features inside this beast.

GAEMS M240 ports: On the back of a monitor you’ll find different ports like 2 input HDMI ports and one output HDMI port that makes the connectivity with any console quite easy. With the HDMI-out, you’re able to record gameplay with ease. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, there are embedded speakers on the monitor but if you want to experience the ultimate sound quality with the headphone, you can also use the headphone jack to connect your headphones. The jack is located just beside the other HDMI ports. There is also one port for mic in case you want to interact with your opponents during different gameplays plus the adapter port which also located at the same place where the HDMI ports are.

Audio: The audio on the monitor is crisp and clear. For testing purpose, we sat the volume at 30 and we were able to hear a clear sound of game music plus player movements, even we were able to hear the gunshots from a distance in PUBG game. Then we pushed the volume to the max of 60 and our testing lab was filled with sound. I must admit, the GAEMS did a great job for keeping the speaker quality good.

Modes and Brightness: There are 5 modes in the monitor, the standard, vivid, dim and Mild which is good. You can set any brightness mode according to your needs. Even everything is adjustable. You can switch between PC mode and Console mode which is another interesting fact about the GAEMS M240 gaming monitor.


GAEMS M240 Performance: Testing the performance was fun. During the PUBG gameplay, we tried moving the car at full speed in order to find the lag in performance, but thanks to the GAEMS M240 for fulfilling what the company claimed and proving itself a good companion. The sound quality, display and response time, everything was at its best. The results with XBOX and PS4 were almost the same with easy connectivity. The ports on the portable gaming monitor are HDMI excluding the USB options.

Disadvantages: Everything on the GAEMS M240 is great including the sound quality, but I think there was more room for audio that isn’t filled yet. The device doesn’t offer any rechargeable batteries which another disadvantage of the device.

Final Verdict: One of the best portable gaming monitors that offer great specs, features, and design. The GAEMS M240 is compatible is almost all consoles which includes XBOX, PS4 etc. The monitor stands out than many monitors in performance, design and display features. In short, you’re welcoming a beast to your house.



  1. Great design.
  2. Lag free in every aspect.
  3. Comes with a TN-panel.
  4. Connectivity via HDMI.
  5. Great colors accuracy.
  6. Comes with AC adapter.


  1. Heavier than we expected.
  2. Low-quality audio.
  3. Rechargeable batteries aren’t offered.