Bluetooth speakers, buying tips to choose the best

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Watts, decibels, hertz, If you get lost with the technicalities and all you want is to buy a Bluetooth speaker, this shopping guide will be a must read for you. In it, we highlight in a simple way, some of the basic characteristics that a good Bluetooth speaker should have.

Bluetooth speakers are infinitely more convenient and practical to use than those that need a cable to function. This is a fact.

With the new wireless transmission standards, this type of connection between devices has been greatly improved. The times in which the quality of sound that was transmitted with this system was very poor were left to remember.

Nowadays you can enjoy a quality sound, in a huge range of speakers of all kinds like Party Speaker etc, which will adapt as a glove to your needs.

As not all users look for the same in neither a wireless speaker nor all speakers are the same, we will give you some keys so you can buy the Bluetooth speaker that best suits your needs, looking for the most interesting features depending on the type of device.
Not all users are looking for the same in a wireless Party Speaker.
Minimum requirements for any type of wireless speaker.

Beyond the quality or sound power of each Party Speaker or Bluetooth speaker, which we will talk about more specifically in the future, your Bluetooth speakers should have a series of features that we could consider as basic and common to all of them, whatever they may be…

Perhaps the most important requirement for a Bluetooth Party Speaker is compatible with different versions of this same standard.

The most widely used version is Bluetooth 4.1 or Bluetooth LE, so you should make sure that your Bluetooth speaker is compatible with at least the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR version and have A2DP compatibility to achieve a stable match, a quality connection with the current emitting devices and a good interpretation of the stereo sound.

Parallel to this compatibility with the new Bluetooth standards, you will also find it interesting that your Bluetooth Party Speaker system supports other methods of wireless connection to expand the possibilities of pairing with all types of emitting devices. Currently, wireless sound systems that use NFC (Near Field Communication) as an alternative to Bluetooth connection are being expanded, obtaining equally brilliant results.

Assess other means of connection

In addition, you should value wireless systems implemented by manufacturers such as Apple’s AirPlay that will allow you to create a network of wireless speakers in your home to control them from your Mac, iPhone or iPad or Samsung’s Allshare that will allow you to establish communications with any compatible sending device. with DLNA.

Another common feature in all Bluetooth devices should be a series of basic buttons that allow for quick individual adjustment of the speaker.

Discover the best Bluetooth speakers

The wireless technology is designed so that the origin of the sound can be some distance from the speaker. For this reason, having a series of buttons integrated into the same speaker as the volume, ignition, button pairing or track control, etc., will provide the set with an extra comfort, avoiding having to access your Smartphone, tablet or whatever the origin of the sound to make the adjustments. In the case of Bluetooth speakers for home, it is also very useful to incorporate a remote control.
It is important to have basic buttons that allow for quick adjustment more than wireless connections.

In addition to the aforementioned support for different types of wireless connection, your Bluetooth speaker should have some of the most common cable connections.

Yes, I’m sure you’ll wonder what I want to connect a cable for if I’m just trying to avoid them. Having certain connections will add versatility to your device and expand its possibilities of use.

For example, if your device has a 3.5 mm jack type connection or a USB (or micro USB) connector, you can play content from a source that does not have a Bluetooth connection such as an old desktop or laptop, etc.
Your Bluetooth Party Speaker

should have some of the most common cable connections.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Before you start the search you must be clear about the use you are going to give the speaker.

It does not have the same features or specifications a loudspeaker designed to stay fixed in your home, which one thought to carry it on all day.

If you opted for a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone or tablet, there are several important aspects that you should not overlook.

The first of them and the most important is the battery. To enjoy hours of musical entertainment, it will be basic to have a battery that lives up to your expectations.

The minimum requirement is approximately 8 hours of uninterrupted playback, although some can arrive perfectly up to 15 hours of use.

In addition, it is important to look for information about battery charging time once it has been exhausted as some devices may have excessively long charging times.

Another important feature that a speaker should have for your smartphone or tablet is that it is lightweight and compact. We assume that you will not be amused to go all day carrying a 1-kilo brick in your pocket, so your weight and size will also be a factor to consider when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker.

In addition to the aforementioned features, it is essential to know the reception scope of the loudspeaker. You think that the farther away from the speaker from the sound source, the lower the reception and therefore you will lose sound quality.

The usual for this type of devices is between 15 and 20 meters, if the distance is lower you will always have to be close to the loudspeaker to be heard with a certain quality and can be ballast for that portability required.

Speakerphone and Handsfree

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Some portable Bluetooth speakers incorporate a microphone that allows you to use it as hands-free. Something very useful because they use the link already created between your Smartphone and the loudspeaker to comfortably answer your calls without having to turn off the music or take your Smartphone out of your pocket.

When you receive a call, the cause of the player on your smartphone or tablet will be activated and the ringing tone is emitted. When you finish the conversation and end the call, you will replay the music at the exact point where you stopped before the call.

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoying a home theater sound system is simple

Not all Bluetooth speakers are designed to be portable. In fact, the improvement of the quality in the transmission of data by Bluetooth has created a new market of Bluetooth loudspeakers of high fidelity that are able to reproduce a clear sound and with sufficient power to satisfy the most gourmet ears.

Enjoying a home theater sound system does not have to be accompanied by a tangle of cables scattered all over the room? Thanks to the Bluetooth home theater Systems you will be able to enjoy most of the Dolby sound versions from sound bars that you can synchronize with your TV or 5.1 and 7.1 wireless sound systems without tripping over any cables.

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