Google’s Smartphone planning to take over iPhone

Google’s Smartphone planning to take over iPhone

As per the new report, Google might launch its Android smartphone soon. The new Google-branded smartphone may see the light by the end of this year. It could be inferred that Google’s Smartphone planning to take over iPhone

The new move of launching its new smartphone is said to have more control over design apart from the software part. It is also looking forward to end the dominance of Apple’s iPhone. The people familiar with the discussion reported that the new Google phone will extend the company’s move into hardware. The new device is expected to release by the end of the year according to a source, and customers are eagerly waiting to see Google’s control over design, manufacturing, and software.

Google received a tip this year from an anonymous which was sent from the IP address situated in Google campus itself. The tip which was given claimed that Google was annoyed at the saying that apple’s iPhone was the only premium smartphone in the market. The vice president of Google design also criticized iPhone calling it dull.

Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai is declining the plans of this new smartphone release or making of any Google-branded smartphones right now. The CEO is stressing over the fact that the company will continue to collaborate with its partners on the Nexus range with more customizations in that phone. Google’s move to make its smartphones may make Nexus program irrelevant.

The move to make its branded smartphones would strain google’s relationship with the existing relationship with equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Google has also tried hands with manufacturing devices with its C pixel tablet that was manufactured by the company The Mountain View Giant alongside with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X last year. Google declined to comment on any of this news and rumors.

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