iPhone 8 rumours; What we know so far

iPhone 8 rumours; What we know so far

As the year end is drawing closer, the iPhone rumours are spreading like a wildfire. While some iPhone 8 rumours hint that the device will come with a 3D camera, better resolution than Samsung, some say that it will feature an A11 chip and a LED display.

However, recently a prominent industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed a lot about the upcoming device. Did you know that the iPhone is expected to feature an all-glass design? No? Then forget all other iPhone 8 rumours and let’s discover all the details we have gathered up so far.

Apple has produced 10 prototypes for the upcoming iPhone

As we all know that the next year’s iPhone will have some significant upgrades to mark its tenth year anniversary. Thus Apple has made 10 prototypes of the iPhone 8, and one of them is the much talked about OLED display panel. One of the main iPhone 8 rumours includes the incorporation of OLED display panel, and it might true. Initially, the company was planning to introduce all the variants with OLED screen. However, shortage of supply compelled the company to look into a different direction. Reportedly, for now, only premium variants will be coming with OLED screen.

iPhone 8 to come with wireless charging support

Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the upcoming iPhone might support wireless charging. He further added that the wireless charging adapter would be added only to the premium variant others will have to buy the accessories separately. According to him, the wireless charging will be able to charge the device from a distance of about 15 feet which means within this distance the users don’t have to put their iPhones on the charging plate like other wireless charging technologies.

iPhone 8 is expected to feature an all-glass back

Yes, according to one of the iPhone 8 rumours, the new iPhone 8 might come with an all-glass back. Kuo said that the all-glass back would assure fast charging speed with least amount disorder from the frequency intrusion.

Apple might ditch the Home Button

Ming-Chou suggested that the upcoming iPhone 8 might not have a Home Button at all. The company is expected to ditch the Home Button and make its shift to the onscreen button instead.


iPhone 8 might house a fingerprint scanner

Apparently, Apple has filed a patent that will abide various components underneath the display, fingerprint scanner being one of them. Further the company wants the fingerprint to be identified anywhere on the screen.

iPhone 8 might come with A11 chip

As we know the iPhone 8 will feature significant hardware and software upgrades, the buzz suggests that the device may come with an A11 chip.

Apple seems to be working on marking its tenth year with a massive launch. While all these seem great on paper, we are waiting for its real implementation. Obviously, all of the iPhone 8 rumours may not be true. Additionally, all these details are yet to be verified by the company, so we will have to wait for that. These were some of the main details that we have gathered up until now and we will keep you updated with further details.

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