Apple iPhone 6S showing lowest sales growth rate ever?

Apple showing lowest sales growth rate ever – Is high price of iPhone 6S responsible for this ?

Though iPhone 6S and 6S Plus made a remarkable start with its launch, it is now showing a weak demand. 6S series showed a record-breaking weekend sales in September which was the launching month of the 6S series of Apple Inc. But it is now illustrating a feeble demand as the time is passing on. The very simple reason behind the lower growth rate in the sales of the up-mentioned product is that the product demonstrates very less additional features as compared to its admired predecessors. Apple followers who purchased iPhone 6 in October 2014 are now waiting for the 7 series and others are searching for an old iPhone 6 rather than thinking to buy 6S.

Apple iPhone 6S showing lowest sales growth rate ever? are the high price of the iPhone 6s is the reason or any other hidden reason slow Apple growth

Apple iPhone 6S showing lowest sales growth rate ever?

The 6S series also faces a strong competition with the sales of its siblings in terms of features and cost or we should say in terms of value for money. As the new series has not come with many add-ons, it is not able to beat its competitor in its own house.

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Additional Features in iPhone 6S –

  • 4K Video Recording
  • Rose Gold Color
  • 3D touch which includes ‘touch’, ‘press’ and ‘tap’, all 3 performing different functions
  • 2nd Generation Touch ID which has made thumb impression extremely faster
  • Front Camera increased from 1.3 to 5MP
  • Primary Camera improved from 8 to 12MP

Though these features are more than enough reasons to go for 6S series and this is the reason why this series showed a Blockbuster success when it was launched. But slowly people got inclined towards 7 and started waiting for the same.

Apple Inc came up with iPhone 6 putting a step into the market of bigger screens which attracted the customers who were getting fascinated by other companies like Samsung because of their Screen sizes. iPhone 6 became the biggest hit ever and hence 6S is losing in the competition in sales growth with its own ancestor.

Now let’s see what more surprises the Status setting company brings with its upcoming awaited product launch – iPhone 7.

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