JIO 4G feature phone launch- A Brilliant Plan and a threat to all other Big Telecom Industry Players

Considering that the smartphone is dominating the Indian mobile market today, it is not likely that a feature phone by Reliance JIO could really make an impact. While the competitor kept thinking the same thing, they didn’t notice the 50 crore feature phone users with almost zero disposable income. No matter how many flashy advertisements are compelling us to adopt 4G, the reality is totally different. Mobile data is quite expensive; people keep being grumpy about the speed of the internet and cost-effective smartphone is never reliable.

About the JIO Scheme


The Reliance JIO 4G feature phone will be available to the users for the price of Rs.0. The users need to pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 1,500 for 3 years. After the 3 years, the money deposited will be refunded to the users. Of the plan of Rs 153 per month; it is only 3% of the current price, the company plans to end the issue of expensive data for Indian users forever.

The Ways JIO Plans To Disrupt the Market


The Reliance JIO 4G feature phone with its JIO plans is all geared up to turn the table and disrupt the market. Here some ways it can become a big threat to its counterparts.

  • Free Calling

The JIO Phone offer free voice calls to its latest feature phone. With this, the whole mobile users in the country have the option never to recharge their phone to make a voice call.

  • Feature Phone working Like A Smartphone

JIO Phone could feature a new segment of the phone in the market –4G VoLTE enabled feature phone which provides all the basic features that a smartphone today offers. This can bring the smartphone cost down.

  • Users Of Another Network Can Also Benefit

With JIO planning to set a benchmark on a price for mobile bills, counterparts would come up with aggressive priced plan to compete with JIO. Packet plans could be introduced for as little as Rs. 23 will make the mobile usage much more affordable.

  • A Migration From 2G to 4G VoLTE

JIO feature phones claim to migrate a large bunch of 2G people to 4G VoLTE all at once. It would be soon that we will see more 4G users in the country rather than 2G.

  • Unreliable Cheap Smartphones Need To Get Their Game Up

An affordable smartphone that is provided under Rs. 5000 needs to step up their game to compete with JIO 4G feature phone. The JIO Phone appears to provide better value for money along with limited usage.


This is a brilliant strategy that has been applied by JIO to kick off all the other companies out of the Telecom Industry. JIO is taking a security of 1500 INR from every user for 3 years. When the 1500 INR from millions of users will accumulate and would be deposited for 3 years, then this will give a huge amount of interest to JIO Company. This can also be a reason for JIO’s introduced plan. But as JIO is providing exemplary features in extremely low prices, this is going to prove a big threat for all the other Telecom companies which are currently present in the market.