LG Fingerprint scanner Cover Full Display of Your Phone

Just a few years ago, Apple with its classic model iPhone 5s broke the ground in introducing the fingerprint sensor in smartphones. The scanner was placed under the home button. After this, many companies followed the same footsteps and integrated the fingerprint scanner in their own array of smartphones under the home button in the form of square or circle. While some other companies twisted it by an infusing sensor in the front, rear, or back side of the smartphones.

But, LG has somehow set the ball rolling by developing an under glass fingerprint scanner.  LG has plugged in the new fingerprint sensor under the display screen. So that, whenever a user will place his/her finger on the cover glass of the phone, the device will be unlocked as the under glass fingerprint sensor module will identify the holder’s fingerprint.

About this new function, the CEO of LG Innotek, Jongseok Park proclaims that the under glass fingerprint sensor module will help in eliminating dedicated buttons, pads, or other elements for fingerprint recognition, and will also assist in making the device more water resistant by dropping the number of openings. It is a user-friendly function ensuring the phone from getting scratched. And further on if talking about the future, the function might be helpful in resulting slimmer devices.

LG Innotek proclaims that on the back of display cover glass, the cut of 0.01-inch (0.3mm) has been slotted, and the fingerprint sensor is being installed in it with the “supreme precision and combination technology”, which means that the sensor is not exposed to the outside of the model.

Speaking about the false acceptance rate (FAR) of a fingerprint sensor, it is 0.002 percent. In supplement, the both sides of the glass and the fingerprint sensor are 0.0098-inch (0.25mm) and can endure the bang of a 130-gram steel ball plunged from the height of 7.9-inch.

LG’s Head of Research and Development Centre LG, Changhwan Kim said “We are concentrating on all our resources to the development of the differentiated technology based on the creation of customer values. We will continue to provide convenient, safe, and pleasant user experiences by launching an innovative product.”

With its new role, the company expects that the demand for fingerprint recognition technology will increase soon because of the expansion of mobile payment market.

Regarding the fingerprint sensor, Market research firm, IHS, reported that in 2015, approximately 499 million fingerprint sensors were sold globally and expects that the number will increase to 1600 million units in 2020.