Micromax Canvas 6 Review, Features, Pros and Cons

Micromax, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the country recently unveiled its two flagship smartphones Canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Pro. Micromax is doing unique promotions these days, the advertisements made by Micromax are quite audacious. The company is openly challenging other companies on the grounds of quality, price, and everything else. The advertisement says – “Hey You.! The few of you, who haven’t cared a damn about our phones till now, get ready to change your freaking minds. And if you won’t, we couldn’t care, Coz sooner or later, YOU WILL.!! So let’s see what Micromax has for its customers this time.

Along with the launch of Canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Pro, the company had launched the other 14 smartphones; however these were the two main attractions. These two phones both of which are priced at Rs. 13999 are already taking the market by fire. Available for online sale on the newly launched portal, these two phones were the main attraction.  Although these two phones launched are similar in many aspects, there are some considerable differences between the two.  While one is great in design the other is great in performance; one has additional security feature, the other one has a great display. Therefore, settling on one is not an easy choice. Therefore, let’s see what does the Canvas 6 offer and then you can compare it with its counterpart and see which one is better.

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Micromax recently get two new android smartphones in Indian market Micromax canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Pro with great features and specs, dual camera, check price

DESIGN: Seeing at this phone you would feel as if the design is what most of the contemporary smartphone possess. Regardless of the fact that you think the design is copied, you cannot deny that this phone is excellent in terms of its look. With the fully metallic design as well as proper round edges, the phone has quite an appearance. The front screen is 5.5 inches in size and has a front camera on the top along with an array of sensors.

Moving on to the back side of the phone you can very clearly see the camera popping out from the top which is similar to that seen in Nexus 6P. Below the camera you will find single LED and it is followed by a fingerprint sensor on the bottom (The additional security feature we were talking about).  Apart from this, you will find the new modified Micromax logo and some text which probably you don’t care about.

DISPLAY: As I have mentioned before, the phone comes in fitted with a 5.5 inches of display and offers a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. This phone which comes with an IPS LCD is known to offer a pixel density of 401ppi. The levels of colours produced are decent and so are the contrast levels. This phone has a new feature i.e. “The Mira Vision” which is a set of engines that helps you control the levels of contrast and saturation in order to increase the quality of an image.

Talking about the sunlight legibility, it isn’t that good and you would require some serious levels of brightness to read under direct light. However, the HD panel is ideal for high-quality entertainment and games.

SOFTWARE: If we talk about the software part then this phone comes in loaded with Android 5.1 Lollipop, which has the user interface as well as appearance similar to that of stock Android. There have been a few modifications, however; most of the content is identical. Some changes that can be seen are the inclusion of new ‘Swift Key’ keyboard.

This phone comes with Micromax’s “Around You” application which helps you in finding out real time info from numerous apps. You can find out about the latest hotels, flight, etc. Also, if we talk about other applications installed, the phone comes in loaded with a ‘Gaana’ app which allows unlimited download of high-quality songs for 6 months. Also, few third party applications are present which can obviously be uninstalled.

Micromax Canvas 6 Review

CAMERA: The device may seem like an ideal choice for the people who are too fond of clicking images. It comes with a 13MP primary camera with LED flash and auto face detection. Apart from this, the front facing camera is of 8MP resolution.

If we talk about the image quality then the primary camera in situations of bright daylight did manage to capture some decent images. The images produced were good in contrast as well as attention to detail could be seen. However, the results obtained in the low light were terrible and clear noise could be seen in the images clicked. While the images in case of selfie camera were okay and decent quality could be seen in capturing images as well as making audio calls.

The camera application is also robust and is simple to use. From HDR mode to face detection the application does it all very well. Also you will find number of filters to edit and modify your images.

BATTERY LIFE: If we talk about the battery life, the phone tends to provide an entire day of usage under normal functioning. The 3000mAh battery supports basic browsing, calling, messaging for the duration of entire day. However in situations of heavy usage it may require some charging. Also, the battery heats up in case you do heavy gaming for continuous hours.

Micromax recently get two new android smartphones in Indian market Micromax canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Pro with great features and specs, dual camera, check price

ACCESSORIES: Upon unboxing the device, apart from the gadget, you will find a two-pin wall charger and a USB cable.  Micromax also does provide screen guard for your phone along with some documentation. Hola Music lovers!!! There is also a pair of earphone provided.

VARIANTS: The phone comes in only one gold colour, which provides it an elegant look. This high performance smartphone is available through online sale and is priced at Rs. 13,999.

VERDICT: This smartphone has been released in a fiercely competing market. It has to provide something powerful if it has to stand against the number of Chinese manufacturers. We all know that nowadays the Chinese companies are not only going down on cost but are also offering ample of features. We didn’t find anything special in this smartphone, or to be specific anything that would give it an edge against the other phones.

There are advantages to its phone like its flawless body and design, but then there are disadvantages such as a slow finger print sensor and a low-quality camera. To sum up, I would say that in case you are buying this phone for performance then you might be satisfied however if you are looking for something new, then you might be disappointed. There are other better phones such as Redmi Note 3 to consider.

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