Official app for Windows 10 by Facebook

Official app for Windows 10 by Facebook

Microsoft is finally getting the long-awaited official app for Windows 10 by Facebook. It will be available for Windows 10-powered persona; computers and smartphones very soon. Facebook is turning its attention towards the Windows ten platform as it is a released beta version of its Windows 10 application in the Windows store said the reports.

The mobile app which was available till now was developed by Microsoft on behalf of Facebook. The new app is being formulated and published by the social networking giant itself.

The current Facebook’s app for the Windows 10 mobile devices may carry the branding of Facebook, design cues, and the API access but it has all been developed by the Microsoft. It made sure that this smartphone platform also has a face client app just like the other phones. Android and iOS have this app but now soon it will be on Windows smartphone too. Not just facebook but Messenger and Instagram app is also going to release today for the Windows 10 mobile phone users. The app features an in-app browser, GIFs for the group conversation and directs messaging along with live tiles which highlight the new information without having the need to open the app. isn’t this amazing?

It is the official announcement today and finally Windows 10 mobile users will also have the apps which iOS and Android users had long before.

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Instagram has rolled out their beta app for the Windows 10 cell phone over the last few weeks with at least three updates after that. This app is ready for primetime and considering it as a port of most of the current version found on iPhone; it should be kept up to date. This change also features parity with the iPhone for the first time in this new Instagram app.

There is no indication yet if Instagram will come to Windows 10 PCs or not.

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