Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – The King of Phablets

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: The most awaited Samsung phablet, a follow-up of its earlier version Note 3, i.e., Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has got a tremendous admiration from the people since its launch in October 2014 is still a king in the world of phablet, which is essentially a smartphone-tablet hybrid. A phablet straddles the size of a smartphone and a tablet to combine the features and offer the portability and functionality of both.

The precision in its design and the sheer look embedded with the most technologically sound hardware perk gives it a warm welcome in the Tech market. With all buzz that came off of the Apple’s IPhone 6 and 6 Plus releases, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was the finest of the challenge that could ever come forth the Tech-speedo runway. Galaxy Note 4 is a fantastic blend of a dynamic big-screen tablet and a portable smartphone with exceptional performance, incredible cameras, spectacular displays and most importantly a very seamless and natural multitasking capability.

As the company makes high heeled promises and guarantees with this eye-popping and shimmering new gadget, we are left tongue-tightened over the dilemma of whether these promises are true or not. So to know whether this new member of the family of Samsung Phablet is worth expending prices of over 30,000 bucks or above, we need to find out its pros and cons.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – Is it really Still a fantastic Phablets ?

Coming up with the details of its features, we have-

Design and Look: Galaxy Note 4 with its sleek design and a smooth, stunning 5.7” Quad HD display of a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen along with the protection of the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 has become an apple of the eye for the Android-lovers. The latest multi-window functionality gives you much more flexibility to manage multiple applications at once on a single screen using simple gestures.

It has a bright resolution of 1440 X 2560 pixels and a multi-touch facility all in a 5.7” Super AMOLED display. Unlike any other smartphone at its price range, it contains very handy and powerful pen-stylus facility. This nifty piece of hardware adds spice to the working of this gadget with its mouse-like properties, giving it the ability to write and draw on the screen. As regarding the appearance, this phone is quite alike its earlier version Galaxy Note 3. Galaxy Note 4 comes in 4 color variants- frosted white, charcoal black, bronze gold and blossom pink.

The curved corners along with the metal band along its edges add much elegance to its appearance. So overall it looks very good and a lot better than other Samsung phones affordable at this price except perhaps for the Samsung Alpha.

Software: The Operating System on which it works is Android with its KitKat Version v4.4.4 and also v5.0.1 (Lollipop) upgradable to v5.1.1 which is quite a good deal for its price. In addition to it, Google’s latest operating system update, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which has already started its rollout for different brands like HTC, Huawei, Motorola etc. Along with this, Samsung is all set to release its update for Galaxy Note 4 too (the company hasn’t confirmed but plans to get its update round up for Note 4). This big-bang phablet is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Exynos raising its Quad-core CPU speed to 2.7 GHz. The internal memory turns out to be brilliant with a massive 32GB capacity with 3GB RAM.

Touch and Display: The most important part of any smartphone is its touch facility, and Samsung stands up to the expectations of its customers by giving this phablet a stunning bright display with a palette of 16M colors. Though its uniqueness stands in its S-pen Stylus facility which is pretty much similar to its earlier versions like Note 2 or Note 3, yet it carves out its ways towards becoming a sole provider of this facility in comparison to its other competitors in the market. It is way too handy and easy to use plus the mouse-like experience on its screen by this piece of hardware is something impeccable. It has a brilliant resolution of 1440 X 2560 with 515 PPI pixel density exhibits smooth color gradients and sharp contrast and turns out to be better than its counterpart iPhone 6 Plus.

Camera: A phone is pretty much useless without a good resolution camera to click and preserve the memories of pleasant moments. To help you make an album of beautiful moments here comes a styling new Note 4 with its flawless 16-megapixel rear camera and a 3.7-megapixel front camera for lively selfies. The quality of the photos taken by this gadget is terribly sharper, and the precision in its pixel count is magnificent.


Battery Life: This phone has an outstanding battery life of 3220mAh which would last for a whole day still leaving 20%-30% of the battery charge in the tank even after you are done with your every fiddle. Once charged it would support a couple of hours of electrifying music, a couple of hours of gaming (going to be a treat for the game lovers) some light web browsing and emails, and a variety of calls and texts all in one removable battery.

Phone accessories: Oh! Now let us see what are all the good-good goodies that come with this big phone?

The time you would open the box, you would get all that you had expected like a micro USB cable, battery, the AC wall charging unit, an extra pin for the stylus and a premium quality pair of in-ear headphones with extra ear-buds. So the first impression of this gadget is totally cool.

Variants: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes in the markets with a kick start of 11 models and variants. These different variants are almost the same device models with a bit difference in its specifications and features that vary with the amount of internal storage, connectivity, processor, 3G/4G frequencies that depend on the country where it is delivering the product. Presently Samsung is offering its Note 4 product in India with the model SM-N910G.

Price: As according to the present market price the costs are shown below but please note that the price would vary according to the dealer you buy from.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GB White-     Rs. 36,900/-

Samsung Galaxy Note 4(N910G) Black-   Rs. 37,149/-

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GB, Black        Rs.38,990/-

Galaxy Note 4…..Do you note?

Suggestions: Well! This smartphone of Samsung is a good deal at a good price. It continues to stay on top of the phablet series since the time it was created. But if you go with the looks, it is almost the same as its earlier version Note 3. It has an excellent camera for detailed and sharper photos, a battery life of a premium quality, the color variations. It might not be the best-looking phone of Samsung, but it primarily delivers where it matters. The S-pen Stylus facility is fabulous, but we want Samsung to help a little more to find out those S-Pen friendly apps. This phone has made undoubtedly intense competitions to the big Apple phone iPhone 6 Plus and has even surpassed it in some departments. According to the customer reviews and Tech experts, its pros and cons are-

Pros: Packs plenty of power and stylish, the call and sound quality is tremendous, exceptionally sharp and vibrant screen, brilliant battery life, and an outstanding camera.

Cons: The S-Pen app needs some improvement; some software features are not easy to find especially the S-Pen friendly apps and the plastic back like that of Note 3 still make it a bit tacky.

If you are not that S-Pen Stylus fan and if you are satisfied with whatever it has provided in its S-Pen Stylus (being the innovative inventor of the S-Pen facility) then overall it is a good phone with a lot more features over Note 3 and stands out to its expectations a whole lot better than its contenders. So I suggest that if you are looking for a premium quality phone and your pocket allows you to buy it then this is an incredible deal you have in the market, so just grab the opportunity!

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