Is It True That PM Modi Is Going To Launch The First Ever AC Bike In India?

The viral message is displaying on the internet that by the magic of make in India of Narendra Singh Modi (the Prime Minister of India) Indian company has launched AC bike in India with the help of the engineer.

What is Viral Message?

Viral Message declared “a salute to make in India of Modiji….The Indian Company has launched AC bike with help of an Indian engineer. Its price is INR 70000. It runs 50 km in 1-litre petrol. See the magic of make in India of Modiji.

It is said in another the message related to it that AC bike in India and mind will be contributed to the country by Modiji on 15 August. After that, the sales of the bike will be started. With the prevalence of make in India, this bike is completely made in India.

Truth After Investigation


  • 3 commitments are made in the viral message. First, AC bike is made by the Indian company with the help of Indian engineer. Second, the price of the bike is INR 70,000 and it will give the average of 50 km in 1 litre. Third, its sales will be started after 15 August when it is contributed to the country by Modiji.
  • For the investigation of first commitment when we have seen the picture of the bike by zooming it then we have observed a logo. After searching on the internet we got to know that the logo is of Carver Company which is of Netherlands. It is made by the engineer of that country.
  • We have made the search on the website of the company for knowing the truth of second commitment. According to the site, it is not a bike but it is a car of three wheels without AC. It is the vehicle which gives the average of 16 km in 1 litre costs INR 22 lakhs.
  • We have also got the truth of third commitment on the site of company. It is known in the investigation that company had launched this vehicle in 2006. The news of its launching in India on 15th August is wrong.

Investigation Result: The commitment made on social media is fake


Truth is that the vehicle is made by the company of Netherlands with the help of its Engineer. The price of this car of three wheels is INR 22 lakhs and the mileage is 16 km per litre. The company had launched this vehicle of three wheels without AC in 2006.