Airtel is working on its 5G services with SK Telecom

Partnership Between Airtel And SK Telecom For High-Speed Network Tech

Airtel is working on its 5G services

On Wednesday strategic planning was announced with South Korean telecom operator by Bharti Airtel (Telecom operator). SK telecom is renowned for making the use of the latest technologies and the most advanced telecom network in India is built by it. According to Bharti Airtel, the standard of 5G and advanced technologies like the internet of things (IoT), software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization will be evolved by the collaboration of two companies. This collaboration will be on an on-going basis. These technologies in the Indian context are introduced by an ecosystem. This ecosystem will be built by the companies by working jointly.

Outcome Of The efforts

Airtel is working on its 5G services

According to Sunil Bharti Mittal (Bharti Airtel Chairman), as Airtel provides the best mobile broadband network around the world, and due to its specialized performance, this partnership will prove fruitful and Airtel customers in India will get the dramatically improved performance.

According to the statement, it will be the first in India to provide the capability of monitoring, delivering, and identifying the improvements to the network on the basis of the individual (helped by SK Telecom’s global leadership in this area). For providing high-speed mobile broadband to consumers, a question will arise among Indian telecom operators. The launching of LTE-A (4G), WCDMA (3G), and CDMA (2G) for the first time in the world will cause the expansion of the global mobile telecommunications industry by SK Telecom.

Under the partnership, the working of both companies will include so many areas. These areas include the improvement of network experience for developing bespoke software. They also include improvement of network planning (based on device experience of every customer) by controlling advanced digital tools which comprise building customized tools, machine learning, and big data. 29 million mobile subscribers are a part of SK Telecom (largest telecommunications company in Korea) and it acquires around 50 percent of the total market.