Android will now serve proximity-based experiences

Android will now serve proximity-based experiences

Android will now serve proximity-based experiences. Google recently introduced a new feature which allows the users to experience Apps tied into physical locations. This is a very smart move by Google, indeed. So basically, these Apps will provide more information about that particular location.  Now customers can access more relevant and useful Apps on the Play store. For this feature to work, the users will have to turn on the Bluetooth and location on their mobile phones. Then the App will become active and will give you more information about that particular place.

It is also offering Demo Applications. So recently, the Demo Application was showcased with the announcement including tours for museums and additional services for the travelers. Like, if you are boarding a flight, then the Application for the in-flight entertainment for that airline will pop-up while you wait at the gate. So if the user is interested in exploring the site, tApping on the notification will directly lead him to the App in Google play store or the site on the chrome. Alternatively, the user can also avoid the notifications by clearing it from the screen.


Websites will have to get the support Google Beacons for their sites to surface depending on the user’s location. This support of Beacons came back in version 49 of Google Chrome.

It could be even simpler in the Application; such as the ability to print photos from the CVS Pharmacy App. The backend for these prompts is a new API called nearby.

The Applications can tie up with the third party proximity-based services, internet of things, based services or security services.

The existing Applications use Sensor, Area360, Bluvision, and Radius. Nearby features have started rolling out for the Android users, as a part of Google play services release. All these features will be supported all the way back to the devices being operated on Android KitKat 4.4

How interesting it is that Google has launched something which will show you Apps and websites relevant to your place!