Taiwanese OEM Winstron to set up an Apple manufacturing plant in Peenya, Bengaluru

Taiwanese OEM Winstron to set up an Apple manufacturing plant in Peenya, Bengaluru

Taiwanese OEM Winstron, which is a supplier for Apple is planning to setup an Apple manufacturing plant in Peenya, which is an industrial hub in Bengaluru. According to the sources, the production starts from next year in April.

This plant will be focusing on assembling the iPhones and is planning to start manufacturing in the country by the end of 2017 viagra pfizer 50 mg. This will help in freeing the users from obligations of giving 12.5 percent of additional duty. Apple also announced that it would be focusing on iOS app design and development accelerator which is also to be set up in Bengaluru, sometime around next year.

In Maharashtra, a Chinese OEM maker Foxconn and also Apple’s biggest manufacturer is looking for lands to set up a manufacturing facility. Not only Apple, but Foxconn is also coping up with other phone manufacturers OnePlus and Xiaomi to set up a manufacturing plant in India.


Manufacturing in India also helps Apple to set up its stores in the country. Manufacturing in India will cut down the price of the iPhones, which is a great deal knowing that Apple iPhones are a huge impact on the Indian consumers as it is sold at a high price in the market.

On the other hand, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s last visit to India promised that the company is interested in having a design and development plant in the country to grow the iOS developer community around the world that include guiding Indian developers to understand and develop apps for Apple products. Knowing the fact that Apple users are growing day by day in India, this will be a good deal for Apple because according to the data originated, Apple sold 2.5 million iPhones in India during the period of October 2015 to September 2016.

Not only iPhones, but Apple is also focusing on manufacturing other Apple products and the Cupertino-based company has targeted Bengaluru to invest in a facility for the design and production of Apple Watches, Apple TVs and other Apple products.

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