Apple iPhone7 Pro schematics has been leaked

Apple iPhone 7 Pro: Apple is not yet recovered from its wound of losing the market; the company again receives shocking news as its new model iPhone7 Pro has been leaked out. The information regarding iPhone7Pro such as images and specs has been seeped out by the Japanese magazine “Mac Fan”.

The major revelation is that the phone will feature a dual-camera setup and a Smart Connector. These two features have gained widespread attention from the world. If you talk about the dual-camera setup, the rumors were already spurted several times. And the Smart Connector is said to be seen like the one which are in iPad Pro models. The diagram has been revealed by the magazine, and it mainly shows that the design of iPhone7 Pro is similar to iPhone 6S Plus. No difference in thickness is found as compared with the iPhone 6s Plus.

The device sports a dual-camera setup in which the rear camera has been cut out at the back panel and as compared with iPhone 6s Plus, it is wider than that. The smart connector is placed at the bottom of the back panel, maybe for charging the device with a new technique or for the better battery cases or docks. Although, information is limited and nothing can be said.

The schematics showed one more change that has to be observed in the design is that the antenna lines on the back panel of the device are missing; maybe the company has found a new strategy to hide it somewhere else or maybe the schematics are not showing the antenna lines.

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Apple iPhone 7 Pro

Apple iPhone 7 Pro

Just as in iPhone6s or 6s Plus, the front panel, and the side buttons are similar in respect of design. Ironically, the schematics yet show that no cut out are seen for the 3.5mm headphone jack. Speculation has been made and said that the device will support USB Type-C port, and the headphone jack will be flushed out. Not only this, according to the previous report, it has also been estimated that the thickness will reduce, but schematics are contradictory as the thickness is same as of the iPhone6S Plus i.e. 7.3mm.

All this information should be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing is officially confirmed by the Apple Company. Many details are yet to be discovered which are not revealed. And yes, I forgot to mention, that the device’s name may be iPhone7 Plus or iPhone7 Pro; more likely chances are of iPhone7 Pro, but still nothing can be said right now.