Booking for Jio Phone is now Available- Here is all you need to know

The official booking (both offline and online) of Jio phone will open on August 24. The pre-orders for the handset have already started to be taken in Delhi NCR by certain offline retailers. It means an opportunity has been provided to book Jio phone ahead of millions country’s people, along with the availability of offline retailers for taking pre-orders right now. One such retailer has been asked by the internet to find out documents required by the customers to get their hands on the phone, tentative delivery dates, the offline booking process and other important details. At the time of picking up the handset refundable deposit of INR 1500 is required to be paid. There is no need of amount at the time of pre-ordering.

Booking Of Jio Phone With Aadhaar Number

A copy of aadhaar card with the authorised Jio retailer (by confirming that it is a Reliance Jio outlet or a store around the corner) will require being submitted for booking Jio Phone. Only one unit per aadhaar number can be available to us as an individual customer across the country. For getting multiple units we cannot place orders on different stores. The details will be uploaded into centralised software after submitting the aadhaar number and a token number will be assigned by this centralised software. This token number is required to be cited at the time of picking up the phone.


Price Of Jio Phone

 According to the announcement on July 21 by Mukesh Ambani (Chairman of Reliance Industries) with the upfront-refundable security deposit of INR 1500, Jio Phone will be made free effectively. At the time of booking Jio Phone offline and submitting Aadhaar number, there is no need to pay anything. The unit which is assigned to us by the offline retail store is allowed to be picked up and that time we have to pay INR 1500. According to Jio, after 36 months of using the device, the reclamation of this sum can be done.

Delivery Date Jio Phone

 September 1 and September 4 will be the Jio Phone delivery date for the persons who have placed the order right now. As the number of bookings rises over the coming week the swelling up of this delivery date is expected. It is considered to be best to pre-order the device for purchasing it. At the Reliance, AGM September is declared as the month of delivery by the Ambani without specifying any particular date. According to him, it is aimed at the company to deliver 5 million units per week to the customers.

Confusion arises regarding the fact whether the booking is being opened in phases or at all offline retailers right now. Contact is being made with Jio Phone team for clarification and updation will be made after getting the answer. The starting of online bookings for the devices will take place on August 24 via the Myjio app.