You wouldn’t believe the cost of New ZTE dual camera phone

Release Of New Smartphone By ZTE


A new smartphone is going to be released by ZTE through MetroPCS known as Blade Z max. This phone is under the budget of the common man. It is available with the feature of the rear dual camera system. The price of this product is $130. An image in full colour is captured by one of the dual camera sensors on the other hand monochrome image is captured by another camera. If compared to other brands like Honor, the price of this smartphone is less. Although the price of Honor is less than iPhone, it exceeds $200.

Specifications of Blade Z Max

The smartphone of blade Z max is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8940 processor. It supports 2 GB of RAM along with internal storage of 32 GB whose expansion can be done up to 128GB. It is fuelled by the battery of 4,080 mAh. The rear dual camera system available with this smartphone is of 16 megapixels and 2 megapixels. It supports rear fingerprint sensor. The size of this smartphone is 6-inch. The operating system provided by this smartphone is Android Nougat with full HD display. The connectivity feature of USB-C is available with this smartphone.


It is good to know that ZTE is providing the devices which are under the budget of the common man which not only include dual camera system but also latest Android operating system and USB-C. It is not necessary that dual camera supports the world of photography effectively. If we take the example of Google Pixel then despite having the single camera, it can capture best smartphone images (other software is lacking by the software of Google). The dual camera system is available with devices of ZTE does not solve the purpose of good-looking photos but it is trying to cope up with current trends of the smartphone.