Finally, Android on iPhone

Finally Android on iPhone

Finally, we have Android on iPhone. CTO Nick Lee decided to create a module which would let the two operating systems run simultaneously on the iPhone. Lee created a back cover for the iPhone, which would temporarily turn interface to Android.
Once the back cover is plugged into the Android interface takes over. Now this is an advantage to the iPhone users as they can have access to Google Play, use the calculator and essentially browse the Android. It is a benefit to having App Store and Google Play on the single handset as users can download any app as per their wish. Also, they can use the Android widgets. Lee uploaded a video on YouTube showing how the users can operate wi-fi on the interface and can even search the web. Now the iPhone users with this back cover also have the advantage to add the Google accounts. Providing Android on iPhone is a big achievement and must be appreciated.
To end the Android experience, the users just need to hit the home button and then the iOS interface pops back. The back cover is large and cumbersome as it has all the mechanism in it. It also houses components of an entire smartphone to work its way around the strict Apple code conduct.
Lee also conveyed the purpose of creating such a fantastic back cover. He said he was inspired by the intense feelings of Android, and Apple users have for each other. So now they can have it all on one device. No doubt, this product is going to take over the market soon.
The reports also say that Lee managed to work and create this product in 45 hours flat. For now, he has no immediate plans of selling it commercially but may change his mind if required and would invest more of his time in creating a sleeker case which is easier to handle.