A feedback navigation device for the blind

A feedback navigation device for the blind

An Indian entrepreneur, a 21-year-old Abhinav Verma invented Live Braille i.e a feedback navigation device for the blind, and it is available worldwide. This young entrepreneur is from Chandigarh and is a graduate from the University of Punjab. He got this idea of inventing Live Braille during an inter-college level competition which was all about developing devices for the blind.

“it is better than any guide” this is how Abhinav has described this product in the market. This mobility device can help a blind person navigate his path by sending haptic feedbacks or vibrations through the power of touch. The founder of this product, Abhinav Verma describes it as the only entirely wearable ETA which is electronic travel aid, which allows one to swipe their hand in the air directly to spot hurdles and walk much faster. This device has two ultrasonic range finders which can detect the speed and distance of the area this product is pointed towards so that the blinds are aware of the fact that the way is clear. The best part of this product is it can also detect if the hurdle or the obstacle is a wall, a book, any other object or a human being in the range of up to 3.5 meters.

This product has achieved through ten different kinds of signals that the device can send through an intensity of vibrations.

feedback navigation device for the blind

Mini IN

The 21- year-old claims that this freedom device is 100 times better than the best mobility device widely available in the world. After comparing this product with other mobility devices, Abhinav claims, that this is much more precise regarding feedback’s and takes 1/50th of a second, allowing a person to move even faster.

The weight of this product is 30 grams, and the battery life gives it an edge over other similar aids.

It is available in two different versions. The first version is mini and the second version is Mini E, this E stands for education. The price of this live Braille is US $299 and the US $699 respectively. In India, the mini is available in just RS 6,999 and has to be procured through an NGO.

Mini takes 45 minutes to recharge. While mini e takes 60 minutes but at the same time, it has double battery life as compared to mini.


feedback navigation device for the blind

Mini E can also record and save audio books. It also plays FM radio. To add more, it comes with no-questions-asked return policy to boot.

Abhinav Verma was firm about making this product as he wanted to eliminate the whole concept of a cane. He made this product and launched it in March this year and within a span of three to four months, it is being sold in 16 countries. Abhinav Verma being too professional refuses to disclose the number of customers but says the figure is growing. He also added that the Royal National Institute of Blind people and American Federation of the Blind are amongst his clients.

He calls this device a freedom device and aims at developing assistive products for all kinds of disabilities.

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