The Best Foot Massage Device

Foot Massage

To determine the best foot massage device in 2017, we compared the 18 best selling electric foot
massagers in France right now. After 37 hours of comparison and analysis of consumer opinions, our
recommendation following our last update is the Homedics FM-TS 9.

Are you looking for a real medical device to treat your heavy legs? So invest in the Revive IX Circulation
Booster, you will not regret it!

The FM-TS Homedics 9 is the most complete electric foot massagers. It will allow you to relax in a matter
of minutes thanks to its 18 massage heads and its heating function. In addition, it will be suitable even
for large feet!

What is the best foot massage device?

We tested the 12 most popular foot massage machines, and the most effective is Homedics FM-TS 9. It
can be used in different ways thanks to its 18 massage heads including for each foot a rotating shiatsu
massage area for a deep foot massage. Another asset of Homedics FM-TS 9, it has a heating function to
accentuate the benefits of massage. Unlike other massage cushions, the Homedics FM-TS 9 can also
relieve big feet thanks to its large surface.

The Revitive IX Circulation Booster is also an excellent choice, offering massages as satisfying as the
Homedics FM-TS 9, and also allows reviving blood circulation in the legs. Nevertheless, its much higher
price requires that you have real problems of legs (feet, ankles, blood circulation …) to invest in this device of foot massage.

In the third position of this comparison comes another product from the Homedics range, namely the
Homedics FMS-230 with vibrating and heated massage. A little less efficient than Homedics FM-TS 9, it is
also less expensive and will still give you full satisfaction for occasional use.

Homedics FM-TS 9 Electric Foot Massager Test

Homedics FM-TS 9

the best foot massage device

According to this buying guide, the Homedics FM-TS 9 is the most complete foot massage device,
allowing relieving all foot sizes with its 18 massage balls and its heating function. The big advantage, a
specific rotating zone for each foot for a deep shiatsu massage!

The Homedics FM-TS 9 is a safe bet in its category and has attracted a lot of positive reviews since its
commercialization. Our latest tests confirm, it is still a foot massage device that you can buy with your
eyes closed!

Let's take back its main characteristics:

  •  18 massage heads
  • 2 sets of 3 rotating Shiatsu heads
  • Infrared heating
  • Easy start/stop button, to be operated with the foot
  • Adjustable positioning to optimize the angle of the message
  • Electricity wire easily stored below the device

Washable surface

This device is thus extremely complete since it combines classic massage via foot massage heads, the
benefits of heat to enhance relaxation during the massage, and a more in-depth massage thanks to the 2
shiatsu zones.

Note that the large feet have not been forgotten by Homedics FM-TS 9 thanks to the large massage area
provided on the device.

The reasonable weight of 1.9kg will also allow you to carry it from one room to another without much
effort. Its compact size will also allow you to slide it under your chair or under a table when you no
longer use your foot massage device.

Very economical in its energy consumption (35W), you will be able to give you foot massages for a
power consumption equivalent to that of a light bulb!

Finally, it should be noted that Homedics FM-TS 9 emits a slight noise once en route. But if you watch TV
or put some music in the background, it will not bother you at all!

To use it, nothing is easier:

Press the Power button to start the device. While in use, you can press the same button to activate the

Once your session is over, press and hold this button for a few seconds.

The foot massage device is equipped with an automatic shut-off function that is activated after 20
minutes for safety reasons.

If you are looking for a complete and reasonably priced foot massage machine, do not hesitate and opt for
this model from Homedics!