How to Restring A Trimmer Spool


Weed eaters are the handiest tools used in gardening and cleaning of the unwanted weeds that unwantedly grow in your gardens. These tools help in trimming the weeds and unwanted grass from the most unwanted and undesired areas of the garden where the lawn mowers cannot easily access. These weed eaters smoothly cut out the denser weeds too in a quick span of time. The line present in the equipment hits the posts, concrete, and rocks present in the garden and as a result, they wear off pretty fast. These lines need a replacement for making the tool flawlessly perform its job as it should be. The process of restringing and maintaining a string trimmer is easy, and you can readily do it anytime without requiring much expertise in the job.

Restring A Trimmer Spool

The following are the steps that can easily help you to restring a trimmer spool of your weed eater:

  • The primary step is to purchase the most suited line for your equipment. Restringing the tool requires the exact line that already exists for enhancing the smoother performance of the best cordless line trimmer You can find the information related to the right replacement in the manual book that came along with the equipment from the manufacturer. The range of the sizes for the line varies from 0.065 to 0.095 inches in diameter. You must ensure purchasing of the exact line that fits the machine as heavier lines often cause regular wear and tear to the engines at a much faster rate and thus can also damage the engine in a quick span of time on repeated usage.
  • The line usually comes in a measurement of three-hundred to nine-hundred meters in length. You must wrap the string according to the directions of the arrow marking as mentioned on the top of the spool. You can also purchase the readily available replacement lines already wrapped on the spool and available for sale in the market, but it often incurs a higher cost than buying the line and wrapping it on the existing spool.
  • After getting the line, you must ensure to take out the cover of the spool initially by pushing the lock in a counter-clockwise direction. The security ring gets exposed to removing the cover, in case a ring of security is present, you must remove that too by pressing the button for automatic feed.
  • You must clean out all the existing debris from the device before placing the new line on the spool. This debris can be remains of cut out grass, weeds, soil, etc.
  • Once you have completed the process of cleaning the debris, you need to push down the spool and release it from the locked tabs. In this way, you can pull out the spool from the place.
  • You must now feed the lie present in the lower deck by wrapping the line until you completely wrap the line. You must follow the arrow direction as stated on the covers and avoid overlapping. Finally, you must secure the line on the grooves to keep them in place.
  • You must finally put the stool back in place and thread the lines in the holes or the eye. Now you need to hold and pull the ends of the lines together finally.


You must ensure that there are no loose parts on the equipment before you start working with it and make sure to place the guards so that no cut-out materials spread and cause injury to your body. Regular maintenance and proper usage of the machine with adequate line replacement helps in maintaining a longer lifespan of the equipment.