I Feel Safe : Women’s Safety App Launched

I Feel Safe : Women’s Safety App Launched

A new mobile app ‘I Feel Safe’ has been launched at Delhi University on Tuesday. The applications main aim is to help women ensure their security in the capital city. Union Minister Harsh Vardhan stated that for many years now women in this country had experienced social restrictions and cruelty. It is essential to change the societies mindset so that every girl in India get the respect she deserves. Every girl should be provided with the opportunity to choose her field and excel in it be it, commerce, science, sports, dance, art or any other field of human Endeavor.

I Feel Safe : Women’s Safety App is initiated by Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust. It is a personal security app for the smartphone users which is made in partnership with Mobile Standards of India. The app directly attaches a virtual panic button. The smartphone users just have to press the ‘Safety Ka Power Button’ five times, and the alarm will be activated.

The app doesn’t require to be summoned for the safety alarm feature to work and it even works if the phone screen is locked, the SIM card has been rejected, doesn’t require Wi-Fi networks, and works without subscribing to a data plan. The application works all over the country on the mobile network and intently send updates about the user’s location.

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Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said that she is incredibly grateful for the support and motivation that the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust received from the youth and the government of the country. She also states that it is her ardent wish that every girl should be able to live a healthy life and step out of their houses without the fear of being molested.

During an emergency, the app sends a notification to the user’s emergency contacts along with the longitude and latitude of their location. It also calls the national emergency number 100, and the location of the victim is tracked within 30 seconds. And then the location is provided to the emergency contact, emergency call center team, which can reach out to help the victim.

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