Microsoft Offers Students a Free Xbox One With the Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Offers Students a Free Xbox One With the Surface Pro 4

The Redmond-based company, Microsoft, which has been in the news recently for taking over Nokia, has again managed to stay in the limelight. This time, it has introduced a deal to sell Free X- Box One. Yes, you read it right! The Company is in dire need of renewing its X-Box console and that, can only be done when the Company clears its old stock. So, the Company has decided to cut off an amount of $300 from the price of the Surface Pro 4 and gifting Xbox One along with it. The deal is also applicable on the purchase of Surface Book. Microsoft Offers Students a Free Xbox One. The validity of the offer is from June 29, 2016, to August 14, 2016.

The Microsoft Surface Pro, 4 model of a laptop, was launched in the year 2015, and it entered the Indian market at a price range of 89,990 INR. It is an efficient gadget for students who need it majorly for the purpose of studying. The configuration of the laptop is suitable for them. It comes with a 12.3-inch Pixel Touch and runs on Intel’s 6th-generation Core processor (ranging from Core M3, Core i5, to Core i7). It provides storage in two variants – 128 GB and 256 GB. All in all, it is a solid package.

Microsoft is using a very witty trick of luring the children by using the golden words “Study Hard, Play Hard”. It has focused on advertising the fact that the students need to have some fun after jotting down the lecture notes in school. Therefore, Microsoft Offers Students a Free Xbox One .But in actual, the Company is trying to get the benefit out of it as on one hand, its old stock would be sold out and on the other hand, $300 that are deducted from the MRP of the Surface Pro 4 would save the cost of the X-box One.

Microsoft is offering Students a Free Xbox One With the Surface Pro 4

Microsoft is offering Students a Free Xbox One With the Surface Pro 4

The customers must clarify the thing in mind that they will be given a rebate of $300 on the Surface Pro 4 only when they ask for the free Xbox One console. If the buyers don’t go for the Xbox One, then no such bonanza would be given.  The below-mentioned are the gifts showered on the applicants of this offer. After the benefits, go through the terms that might change your mood of buying this product.

The perks with the offer include:

  1. You get to choose between the two laptops- Surface Book or Surface Pro 4
  2. Xbox One comes with one Xbox One controller
  3. $50 gift code
  4. Two free games of your choice

The conditions applied:

  1. The offer is confined to the US buyers only
  2. It targets only the parents, kids, institution employees, and faculty members, not the institutions as a whole.
  3. The prize will not have Xbox one “S” Console with the laptop
  4. The TV tuner/satellite set up box for the Xbox will not be a part of the freebies. The buyers will have to purchase them separately.
  5. There is limited stock, so the customers may not get a free Xbox even if they buy it before 14th August 2016.

So, what do you think about the deal? Is it a good one? You can check out more details about the offer on the official site You will get an insight into the deal, and you will be able to come out of the dilemma of buying it or not.

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