LG introduces new television – works as mosquito repellent

LG introduces new television which works as a mosquito repellant

LG introduces new television which works as a mosquito repellant. Isn’t it astonishing? LG introduces new television which can fight mosquitoes in the country, claiming it to be an Indian-insight product. You must be shocked after reading this, that how a television can work as a mosquito repellent too.
In a released issue this Tuesday, the Company said that this television has an ultrasonic device which once activated uses the sound waves and makes mosquitoes fly away without producing any harmful radiations.
This technology has been tested by International Institute Of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBT), India. The company also states that it compiles all the norms of Global Organizations.
LG is constantly introducing the products based on Indian Insights so that the problems can also be taken care of and it also becomes more meaningful for the consumers to buy such products which are good for the environment.
This mosquito repelling machine is going to be helpful in keeping the surroundings healthy and safe. It is also building a healthy environment at home.
This LG mosquito away TV will be available at the selected LG stores just at the price of Rs 26900 for the 80cm screen size, while 108 cm is sold at Rs 47,500.
So you just have to pay some bucks and your surrounding is mosquito free then. It keeps mosquitoes away without spreading any kind of foul smell.


For keeping the mosquitoes away, the device needs to be activated first, as it is not automatic. LG also claims that the technology does not use any chemical as used in other toxic repellents for mosquitoes. More importantly, it does not need to be refilled, and it does not need any maintenance, as it uses ultrasonic waves for the mosquitoes.
The long-term effect of this technology has not been tested, and the mosquitoes may become resistant, but this product is one of the ways to manage mosquitoes and does not intend to use any other devices against them.