InFocus Expands Its LED TV Range

InFocus Expands Its LED TV Range

InFocus has announced that it is going to expand a 40-inch full HD LED TV to its existing television lineup. InFocus Expands Its LED TV Range and the TV will then be priced at Rs 23,990 and will be exclusively available on Flipkart. The current line up has the option available from 24 inches to 60 inches in size.

The company also announced that the 40-inch TV will come with an introductory offer and with an extended warranty which takes the total warranty period for the TV to three years after buying.

The 40-inch TV is the sweet spot in the LED TV market which witnesses a huge demand from customers who are looking at newest in the TV technology, and it features an affordable price. That is where the new addition to the LED TV line up 40 Full HD TV fits in. The 40-inch tv comes with an FHD resolution, and superior contrast ratio and smart UV2A technology for an amazing viewing experience say the country head of InFocus, Sachin Thapar.

The head of large appliances Flipkart, Amit Bansal stated that InFocus had been a big hit amongst the Indian audience since it launch last year. Flipkart is happy to announce the exclusive launch of LED 40-inch full HD TV range. The new offer which combines the best features and technology is now available to customers at a high price point. Flipkart is confident about the product setting its point in the Indian LED TV market.

InFocus also has its television range which was manufactured by the Chinese manufacturing specialist Foxconn. The other TVs in this range are available through other online retailers such as snapdeal and Amazon in India. This 40-inch TV model which is launched recently is exclusively available on Flipkart. The range starts at Rs 9,999 for the 24-inch TV.

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