iPhone 6 explodes in Man’s Pocket

iPhone 6 explodes in Man’s Pocket which resulted in a Third Degree Burn

Gareth Clear, a management consultant from Australia, got burned when his iPhone caught fire. Gareth experienced severe burn when his phone blew up in his back pocket. In the process, both his shorts and two layers of skin was smoldered. iPhone 6 explodes in man’s pocket which resulted in a Third Degree Burn.

According to the report in The Daily Telegraph, Gareth Clear was riding his cycle when all of the sudden his phone caught fire. He collapsed from his bike and endured third-degree burn on his upper right thigh.

The Australian man had to go through a skin graft surgery to treat his burns at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. However, while the iPhone’s back has been completely smashed up with ‘metal crooking and the lithium seeping out of the foot end’, the front half of the phone stayed ‘absolutely unbroken’.



Apparently, the smartphone company has told the man that it will initiate an investigation in this matter. For now Clear has posted a warning on his Twitter account saying “iPhone exploded in back pocket after bike fall. Skin graft surgery required.”

And this is not the first time, last year a man named Erick Johnson living in Long Island faced a similar situation.

According to the reports of WCBS, 880 Eric said that he abruptly felt a grievous burning sensation on his leg and when he looked down for the cause he found that his iPhone 5c had been exploded in his front pocket causing him a third-degree burn. Another similar incident happened in 2010 when Maine, an eighth grader was seriously injured when her iPhone 5c went up in flame in her back pocket.

These problems are not bordered to iPhone either. In Hong Kong, a couple was relocated when Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded in their house and burned everything to a crust.

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