Twitter launched 360 Degree Live video streaming on periscope

Twitter launched 360 Degree Live Video streaming on periscope

360-Degree video or image is also known as spherical videos/images where the video recording or the image can be viewed in every direction which is recorded and captured at the same time. And after Facebook, Twitter launched 360 Degree Live video streaming on periscope.

Twitter added the newest feature of its application with the 360 degree live video streaming which was launched this Wednesday. The features include allowing the users to get behind the scenes of a live broadcast.

With Facebook already setting up its foot on virtual reality and especially 360 Degree videos, it wasn’t too long for Twitter to give it a try.

The feature on Twitter allows the users to broadcast 360-degree videos on the social networks. Although every user can watch these live videos, only a selected partners can go live in the periscope.

People can experience great moments with periscope as it is one step closer to actually being there. One can use this application on their phone by twisting and turning your phone to change the perspective. On the other hand, the function can also be triggered on the desktop by simply clicking and dragging around the screen to rotate the camera.

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As Facebook already on the market, Twitter and periscope have come under a lot of pressure on Facebook live has the more user-friendly interface, and users are more comfortable around browsing Facebook videos.

But Twitter is basically ahead of Facebook on 360-degree video. Thus Facebook is planning to launch more partners in the upcoming months.

Users can now get a full capture of what’s going on the broadcaster’s surroundings using the 360-degree video. For now, people won’t be getting any of the 360 videos as Twitter is gathering partners in order to build a larger audience.

By acquiring periscope, twitter already hinted that they would be investing more resources in the development of the live 360-degree video.

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