iPhone 7 dummy leaked and is nothing to be excited about

The upcoming iPhone 7 which was already in the air and was in rumors about it features and designs. The smartphone is the hot topic to be discussed and the most awaited device for the iPhone Fans. Speaking of the rumors, multiple reports have been published as when the schematics were leaked.

When the schematics were revealed, it was stated that iPhone 7 will be of the similar size as of the iPhone 6s i.e. 4.7-inch. And, now the latest picture depicts that iPhone 7 will be improving its worst things and will be coming with better design as compared with its previous models.

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The iPhone 7 dummy, which is recently released, is alleged to contradict some features which were rumored earlier. It is a question that which report should be believed, either on the dummy one or the schematics which were released earlier. And, if the features of real iPhone 7 genuinely match with the dummy then there is nothing to get excited for.

As per the Mac Rumors, the photo which has been revealed shows iPhone 7 in Grey color variant with the same basic design resembling iPhone 6s. Further on, the camera of the smartphone is flushed with the rear shell and is not protruding as earlier reported. The top and bottom antennas are assembled in one single line, which goes along with the edges of the device.

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iPhone 7 Images

Moreover, the headphone jack is missing in it and on the bottom of the device, a three dot pattern is shown that signifies that it is for the Smart Connector. And many of the contradict features existed as earlier mentioned. Another one is that the rear camera will not be bigger as per the earlier reports.

Although nothing is officially confirmed, so we have an uncertain view over the dummy released. Earlier, iPhone 6 dummy was also revealed in 2014, which turned out to be real. Although, iPhone 7 will be faster than all the other models and its battery capacity will also be very high. If leaving the topic for iPhone 7, fans are looking for the release of all glass iPhone 8.

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