Hidden iPhone features that no one knows

iPhone is the most valuable brand with amazing features and performance. But there are many features which are still unknown to the people or we can say they are hidden features. But if we sometimes search online about the hidden iPhone features that no one knows there we find a list of many features, so they have not hidden anymore now.

Hidden features are-

  • Close multiple apps at once-

If you want to close multiple apps at once just Double-tap the home button and there opens the app switcher and now you can slide two or three fingers for closing multiple apps in one swipe.

  • Reminders Editing-

To edit the time or add a location just3D Touch an item in your Reminders app and you will be able to edit a reminder.

Hidden iPhone features that no one knows

  • Reenable Low Power Mode-

You’ll get a notification on your lock screen that it has been disabled when Low Power Mode automatically shuts off when you plug the charger if you want to it again swipe left on that notification.

  • Redial-

It is simple to use this feature just press the green call button on the screen keypad, which appears last dialed the number on the screen.

  • Spotlight math-

There is no need to open a calculator if you want to do a quick math problem, just slide down the spotlight and type it right there and you will get the answer.

  • Clear RAM to make your phone run faster-

Clearing RAM will make the iPhone work fast. Until you see “Slide to power off,” just hold down the power button after that until the screen goes blank and your home screen reappears let go and hold down the home button.

Hidden iPhone features that no one knows

  • Hidden level(s)-

In the compass, the app opens the level and slide to the left. Then after that, with the screen facing away from the ground place your phone flat to reveal a bubble level.

  • Turn the flashlight off-

It is simple to use just swipe the camera icon on the lock screen to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone.