KFC Watt A Box charges your phone while you eat

KFC Watt A Box charges your phone while you eat

KFC and Blink Digital have launched a meal box named KFC Watt A Box with phone charging capability. KFC Watt A Box charges your phone while you eat, KFC in association with the Blink Digital has launched this 5 in 1 lunch box. It is the first meal box which comes with a built-in power band while you eat your food. It combats many scenarios where you are trying to search for a power outlet under the tables or corners in the coffee shops away from your seat.

They have launched a 5 in 1 meal box in March this year. The reason behind providing a complete meal with an affordable price for the customers while charging their phone through the meal box is that they have realized how desperately people want to charge their phones anywhere and everywhere and so they turned this need of people to an innovation. It is going to act like the cherry on the top for KFC lovers who often go there after a long day or for snacking. With the launch of this Watt a box they have gone a step ahead in introducing an element of utility into the box. The youth today spends a considerable time on their smartphones and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare. So this Watt a Box will be at rescue anytime, you need it. This meal box is available in the market.

KFC 'Watt a Box'

KFC ‘Watt a Box’

The gradual add-on services couples with some existing products like providing the power to charge your phone are making the market competitive. Some customers don’t go out for a long period. Restaurants will now attract time sensitive and hungry consumers by providing such added services.

This Watt a Box service is a fantastic offer given by the restaurants. It will attract more customers now. This box with magnetic flaps contains the meal you ordered along with a power bank situated on its side. It also comes with a microUSB and Lightning cables to charge your iPhone or Android smartphones. The best thing about this box is that the power bank is removable. Technology is growing fast nowadays. Earlier pizza hut also came up with a box which could be turned into a projector.

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