What Google did on father’s day

What Google did on father’s day

Father’s day is all about celebrating fatherhood. It’s a celebration of honoring fathers.  It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June month. It’s a day when children make their father feel special and thank them for being such a great dad. So the question arises “What Google did on father’s day”. This year Google celebrating fathers day with an adorable doodle.

Google is the biggest online search engine, and it came with a cute doodle to celebrate this father’s day. The illustration shows a tiny pair of shoe placed just beside a large show over a doormat, and it’s written Google on the doormat. This picture conveys how a kid follows his father’s footsteps while he is growing up. Each year every third Sunday of the month June is celebrated as father’s day all over the world. This day cherishes all the efforts a father contributes in bringing up and well-being of his child.

Google also made a very heart-warming short film to celebrate father’s day. The short film is titled as hero-the Bollywood story. This short movie was all about a son trying to convince his soon to retire father to come to Mumbai and shift there along with him. Due to an oath he took when he was a child but the father refused to come along. You should watch this video about the relationship between this son and his father.

Kids celebrate father’s day by wishing them, taking them out and gifting them their favorite gifts. Fathers day is a very special for the children too as this day is dedicated to their fathers. It is the day when one thanks his father for all he is doing for them from the day they were born to their present days. A father never gets tired of fulfilling his child’s wishes.


Shoutout to all the father’s out there! You all are doing a great job.

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