Newly launched Android name may be called NEYYAPPAM

Neyyapam, what’s that? Neyyapam is the sweet crispy dish from Kerala, India and has been featured on the official Android website as one of the possible names of newly Android N operating system. The Neyyapam word is gaining a lot of popularity and along with that ‘Nuts+Nachos’, ‘Navy Bean’, and ‘Narshmallow’ has also been showcased.

As per the custom, the Android always names its next version with the sweets name in alphabetic order. Before N, the company has named its prior version in the traditional manner and dubbed as Marshmallow followed by Lollipop, Kitkat, JellyBean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclair, Donut, and Cupcake in the decreasing Alphabetical order.

Hence, for the next name of Android operating system the organization has decided on Google I/O 2016 to give it to public. And, the Keralites know to take the advantage of an opportunity and made the hay while the sunshine in naming Neyyappam.

The particular motion was then supported by the Twitter handle and a dedicated website. Further on, Kerala tourism also joined hands with them. Twitter account is flushed with the hashtags of #Neyyappam, #WeWantNeyyappam. Nan Khatai and Nariyal Barfi, other Indian sweets are also a popular choice among the Indian people in naming Android N.

In real, it appears that the Neeyapam word caused a stir when Bangalore-based Android user and PHP developer, Arun Kumar has initiated the action and made it famous in social sites which turned into a trend. Along with it, site has also been developed and created an online campaign to promote the Neyyappam name.

Ironically, a couple of time before, Nutella was very popular, and somehow it appears that name has been ruled out.

Once, when Sundar Pichai visited India, one student raised the question over the next name of Android version and said can be its Indian sweet dish name. In response to it, Pichai said that the next version of Android might be selected via an online poll. And if all Indian vote for an Indian sweet dish, then it may happen.

The voting for naming Android N is open and will be closed on June 9th, 12:29 PM and can be voted on the website

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