Lenovo Showcases Foldable Tablet and Wraparound Smartphone

Lenovo Showcases Foldable Tablet and Wraparound Smartphone at Tech World

Lenovo showcases Foldable Tablet at its Tech World event in San Francisco on Thursday revealed few products including Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones along with the first consumer ready Project Tango handset and Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. The company showed off some innovations on which it is working, which includes a foldable smartphone which can be wrapped around the wrist and a tablet which can be folded to half. Of course, there will be something more than just the display being folded.  This isn’t a factor we are familiar with, so it will be interesting to see how Lenovo will tackle the way these devices will operate.

There were some innovations which were revealed by the company on Thursday, C Plus smartphone and Folio Tablet. The company emphasized on the fact that these two prototypes have flexible screens, can allow dual-devices and multiple usage scenarios.

Lenovo Showcases Foldable Tablet

lenovo foldable smartphone


Apart from all these innovations, Lenovo also revealed about the Smart Shoes. These shoes are based on Intel Curie module and feature wireless charging. With the help of these shoes, the users can track their fitness data, and they can play motion games too. Isn’t it interesting? There are LED lights sporting in these shoes which allow the user to receive customized news and information based on their activities which are pushed on their phone.

Lenovo also showed a concept of ‘Connected Home’ where the users can control various connected devices at their home via voice or their fingertips. How amazing!

The teaser video by Lenovo showed how these devices can be operated with just a hand gesture. Not just this, Lenovo has shared several videos on YouTube showing different innovations they are working on. The company said that there were several concepts which showcase creativity, experimentation and ingenuity of the company’s engineers, designers, and developers.

Either way, it really opens the idea of what we’ll potentially see down the road.