Reply to Particular Person’s Message on WhatsApp

Reply to Particular Person’s Message on WhatsApp

Reply to particular person’s message on whatsApp using its new feature called as Quote Feature. Send messages with quotes soon on WhatsApp. The popular messaging app WhatsApp has come up with an update for its beta version. This new version brings out a new message quote feature. This feature enables the users to quote somebody’s messages during the chat.
What the users need to do to quote the message is – they need to select the message they want to reply to, following which a reply button pops up. Then they simply have to tap the button, type their reply and hit send. Once the users do this, the message will be sent and their reply will appear in quotes. Once the users have sent their reply, it will show up in the chat with the original quoted message attached on the top of it, along with sender’s color-coded name.


The feature applies to both the private chats as well as the group chats. Mainly this feature will be needed in the group chat. The users can also see the quoted message inside the box. This new feature will be very useful during group chats as it would help in addressing a specific user at the time of reply. It will make the app more User-Friendly and specific. It will also avoid the misunderstanding which sometimes takes place in the group chats. Moreover, it will be easy for the recipients to differentiate as to which message is for them and which is not. The new feature basically allows the users to add context to a message, wherever it is needed.
The update is only available for beta testers for now, with a possibility it will reach the users pretty soon. For now, it is not clear if it will be released for iOS or not. Whatsapp is also working on GIF feature and video-calling feature. We have to wait and see when will WhatsApp launch these features.

Whatsapp is trying to make this app simpler and filled with more fun for the users.


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